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WATCH – Ryan Reynolds Interviewed By His ‘Twin’ Brother

Published on November 16th, 2016 | Updated on November 16th, 2016 | By FanFest

Ryan Reynolds was recently named GQ’s Man of the Year for 2016. You certainly can’t blame GQ for awarding him for the feat. Reynolds has launched a new worldwide phenomenon with his Deadpool franchise, fusing his slapstick sense of humor with self-parody and meta. To commemorate the occasion Ryan Reynolds sat down for a candid interview with his twin brother, Gordon Reynolds. Before you ask – no. Ryan Reynolds does not have a twin brother.

Rather than spoil the hilarity that ensues, take some time and watch the interview below.  The bit runs just over two minutes long but is just as funny as anything Reynolds has ever done in his career. (Okay, far funnier than Green Lantern and R.I.P.D. but that’s not his own fault.) See what happens for yourself.


Deadpool 2 is currently slated for a January 12, 2018 release.

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