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Watch out for Fortnite’s Runes as They Move Towards Something big

Published on October 22nd, 2018 | Updated on October 22nd, 2018 | By FanFest

If you drop in and try to grab a short gun and rock your way through Tilted, remember there is a movement happening on Fortnite Island.

For the past few weeks in season 5, there has been a drift in the Purple Cube-powered Floating Island, activating a series of runes by the cube. The activity has left purple lava behind.

If you watch the runes, you will notice that they are all lifted out from corrupted zones. Currently, they are hovering over the map. The whole action is not expected because there is no loot at present.

The exciting part is about where they are going. They appear to rejoin Kevin the Cube at the Floating Island, but the final expectation is unclear. There is rumor that there is a volcano in the Island, whether in Leaky, formally known as Loot Lake or the corrupted areas.

Also, Leaky Lake is draining and there is an expectation of significant change in that location.

Both seasons have received major new map changes whereby people swarm the area looking for secrets. After that, everything went dormant until the big season ended.

In Season six when the floating Island activates each rune, it took three days to reach its next destination.

Something big is bound to happen soon!


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