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Watch Now! ‘The Walking Dead’ Third Series Gets Title and a Trailer

Published on November 25th, 2019 | Updated on November 25th, 2019 | By FanFest

Big news for ‘The Walking Dead’ universe! Today we have both a title for the third series and a trailer!  Beyond some images, little is know about the third series slated for 2020 on AMC. However, that all changed with a tweet and a trailer!

‘The Walking Dead’ Executive Producer, Director, and creative genius, Greg Nicotero, revealed on his Instagram the title of the third series, ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond.’


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Even more, we received our first look at the third series with a trailer.  “Once upon a time, the end of the world, was our beginning,” we hear a female voice say, as it shows images of a group of younger people navigating the world.

Then, an older female character appears on a helicopter that is similar to the one that took away Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and we hear, “We are the last light of the world. We are the last hope.”

What do you think about the title of the new series? This new trailer definitely has us more excited! How about you?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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One thought on “Watch Now! ‘The Walking Dead’ Third Series Gets Title and a Trailer

  1. I lost interest very quickly with Fear the Walking dead on season 2 when all the characters were on the boat. Haven’t watched it since then and don’t plan to. Not to mention not one character was interesting enough to follow and the only intelligent one was a drug addict…. Not very role modelish if you ask me.

    I have no interest in this new series if Gimple has proven one thing it’s he is terrible when it comes to the walking dead universe. I mean who seriously wants to watch a bunch of kids roaming around the apocalypse as if they can figure anything out. It really does sound boring.

    I really enjoyed the original series back in the day when the situation was taken seriously. Small group of survivors trying to get by in a dog eat dog world. But Gimple ruined the all out war and Angela Kang has taken the step in the wrong direction with the series. Eugene should be managing a bullet making factory instead of playing on the radio. The Sanctuary should have never failed. There should be a council but of 4 members one from each community as their leader and a chief above the council that plays fair to all communities.

    Guess what I am trying to say is I used to LOVE the walking dead big time, but unfortunately the universe of the walking dead has been in the hands of those who cannot be trusted for proper storytelling. So therefor I am not interest in the world beyond. However I will give the Rick Grimes movies a chance. He is perhaps the best character in the entire universe and despite Gimple and Kang’s attempt to destroy that character Andrew Lincoln seems to always rise to the top even when working with trash material.

    Best showrunner Glenn Mazzara AMC should have given him a raise and made him chief content officer. If that had happened the walking dead universe would be worth billions and not dying anytime soon. This guy knew the walking dead. He also knew how to make filler episodes entertaining.


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