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WATCH! Norman Reedus Arrives in France in Newly Released ‘ The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ Sneak Peek

Published on June 26th, 2023 | Updated on June 26th, 2023 | By FanFest

AMC has fans buzzing with excitement as they gear up for another thrilling Walking Dead spin-off featuring everyone’s favorite crossbow-wielding survivor, Daryl Dixon. During the premiere of the Maggie and Negan spin-off, Dead City, AMC treated viewers to a sneak peek of the upcoming Daryl Dixon series.

The first footage showcased Norman Reedus‘ character, Daryl, in a perilous situation. Unconscious and adrift on an overturned lifeboat, Daryl appeared shipwrecked. However, the network wasn’t done teasing fans just yet. During a recent episode of Dead City, AMC delighted viewers with not one, but two additional clips of Daryl Dixon. The first clip depicted Daryl washing ashore on a beach before venturing through a desolate landscape of abandoned cars and bikes, leading him to a devastated seaside town.

WATCH! Norman Reedus Arrives in France in Newly Released ' The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon' Sneak Peek

But it was the second clip that truly captivated audiences. In the extended scene, Daryl can be seen recording a message into a voice recorder, introducing himself and recounting his search for something amidst the trouble he encountered. With determination in his voice, he expresses his efforts and resilience, vowing to keep trying even in the face of adversity.

The clip then follows Daryl as he embarks on an arduous journey. Armed with a weapon, he traverses various landscapes, including railroad tracks, mountains, bridges, steps, and alleys adorned with graffiti that reads “pouvoir des vivants” (translated as “power of the living”). Finally, Daryl arrives at a vine-covered building, its abandoned interior holding secrets yet to be discovered.

While the connection between this building and the French lab in The Walking Dead: World Beyond remains uncertain, the footage provides an extended glimpse into Daryl’s upcoming adventure, from his turbulent time at sea to his explorations through the French countryside reminiscent of an epic odyssey.

Curiosity piqued, fans sought more insight into Daryl’s journey, and Norman Reedus himself shed some light on the character’s trials. Reedus revealed, “His journey was a long one. Longer and even harder and weirder than you would think. He was so close to getting what he wanted and to where he wanted to be. And, of course, in Walking Dead rules, he had it ripped away. To Daryl, you might as well have dropped him on the moon. This world now, it’s bigger, it’s deeper, and just as heavy, if not heavier.”

It’s worth mentioning that a trip to the moon wouldn’t be unprecedented for the franchise, but the prospect of floating zombies indeed takes the undead phenomenon to a whole new level.

With the first full scene from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon finally unveiled, fans eagerly anticipate the series’ premiere this fall on AMC and AMC+. The gripping narrative and Daryl’s challenging odyssey promise to deliver another thrilling chapter to the ever-expanding Walking Dead universe.

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