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WATCH: New Alien: Covenant Prologue Links Film To Prometheus

Published on April 27th, 2017 | Updated on April 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

Ridley Scott’s 2012 Alien prequel Prometheus left us with many unanswered questions. What happened to Shaw? Is she still alive? How does this connect to the upcoming instalment, Alien: Covenant? And while it is not confirmed what happened after the events of Prometheus, a new mini-film gives us a few ideas.

20th Century Fox yesterday released a second official Alien: Covenant prologue in celebration of Alien Day. The short piece of footage titled The Crossing stars the last remaining members of Prometheus, Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and android David (Michael Fassbender).

The film ended where Shaw and a mutilated David escape planet LV-223 by commandeering the Engineer’s ship; with Shaw not wanting to return home they embark on a journey to look for the Engineer’s home world – probably hoping it’s better than the last place.

Check out the Prologue below:


That’s where this clip fits in: Elizabeth shows her compassionate side by reattaching David’s head to his body and they set out to fix the ship in order to locate the home world of their potential makers. David then puts Shaw into hyper-sleep for the journey, allowing him time to explore the nature of the alien species, along with the ship’s deadly baggage. This also further explains as to why we see David (aka Walter) in Covenant.

It concludes with the ship arriving to its presumed destination, and David is ready to drop those mysterious canisters that caused many life-threatening problems for the Prometheus crew – already things aren’t looking so good.

Whilst this give us a good indication of what happened to Shaw and David after they left the uncharted planet, it will be interesting to see exactly what this has in store for the Covenant crew when they embark for this planet.

Alien: Covenant hits cinema’s May 12 (UK) and May 19 (US).

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