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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Swoons Over Former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez on ‘The Late Late Show’

Published on May 5th, 2017 | Updated on May 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Triple-threat dancers/singer/actress Jennifer Lopez dropped by the Late Late Show with James Corden last night and, while she may have been trying to avoid the topic of her new boyfriend, former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, Corden had other plans in mind.

During the celebrity interview segment, Corden casually began to hint at their next topic of conversation very subtly.  “You’ve been spending some time in Miami,” Corden said to Lopez, “There’s some photos of you in Miami,” Corden continued.  At this point, Jennifer Lopez adorably blushed, looked down at the floor and began to giggle.  She resisted, however, offering up any information regarding why she may have been spending a lot of time in Miami recently.

Eventually she answers Corden by simply saying, with a smile, “Yeah, yeah, I have been yes.”  That gave Corden all the fuel he needed.  He leaned in towards her and asked if Lopez had been spending time with “anyone in particular? You have been spending time with someone in particular… who? I haven’t got it down here. What’s his name again?”

As Lopez looked to her couch-mates, Justin Theroux and Terry Crews for help, she embarrassingly said, still grinning, “Please don’t do this to me.”  Some might say things got awkward just before Corden finally flat out said his name but, we think it’s adorable how smitten JLo seems.

Finally, Corden asked “A Rod? That’s his name, right? Alex Rodriguez?”  JLo finally caved and exclaimed, “YES!  He’s the best. You would love him… honestly, he’s a great guy. He’s fun, he’s awesome.”

Corden went on to ask about kissing A-Rod and who, ultimately, made the first move.  Check out the adorably awkward video of the interview below:


Source: Billboard

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