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WATCH: Jason Momoa Hurls Axes with Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo

Published on January 27th, 2017 | Updated on January 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

In his new Netflix series Frontier, Jason Momoa stars as Declan Harp, a part-Irish, part-Native American outlaw campaigning to breach the fur trade.  His character is ruthless and certainly knows how to use sharp weapons like, knives and axes.  In real life, we’ve already seen some of Momoa’s skillful ax tossing but, was that video a fluke?  Can he really do that again?

Momoa appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night to promote his new show.  “It’s basically me, wrapped in a fur coat, killing a bunch of English people,” said Momoa describing the plot of the new series in its simplest terms.

Kimmel brought up the skill of ax throwing and Momoa told him that he actually makes his own axes.  After gifting two axes, one to Kimmel and one to his sidekick Guillermo, it was time to show off a bit.

Guillermo brought Momoa a freshly poured Guinness, because Momoa said he throws better balanced by a beer in his other hand, and the tossing began.  Kimmel and Guillermo both take a shot at a toss before Momoa steps in and shows them how it’s really done, nailing the bulls eye directly.

You can watch the full clip below and you can catch Jason Momoa’s new series Frontier streaming now on Netflix.

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