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WATCH: David Beckham and James Corden Fight for ‘James Bond’ Role

Published on June 11th, 2017 | Updated on June 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

The fight is on!  Just who will play the role of James Bond in the next 007 film?  With casting still an uncertainty, it’s pretty much anyone’s game as to who will win the right to the coveted role.  And we mean anyone.  As it turns out, The Late Late Show host James Corden has his eyes set on the prize role but, so does soccer star David Beckham.

As part of The Late Late Show’s Late Late London edition, on Thursday night’s show, Corden shared some footage of the two stars and their auditions for the iconic role.  Things began to heat up immediately when the two first meet in the casting call waiting room and figure out they are competing for the same role.  As the auditions went on, the two tried, endlessly, to sabotage each other.

The first screen test is the epic and iconic James Bond opener where the Bond character is walking across the screen before suddenly stopping an turning toward the camera to shoot his gun.  Beckham tried the first take which went off without a hitch.  Corden, however, begins walking out in a less than dapper suit that, as he says, would be more suitable for Austin Powers rather than James Bond.  The culprit behind the suit switch was undoubtably Beckham.

Next up, screen testing one of James Bond’s signature seduction scenes.  Corden’s up first but when Beckham crashes his audition, he completely ruins any chance of chemistry between Corden and Ms. Bunny Hemlock but, Corden has some tricks up his sleeve.  During Beckham’s audition of the seduction scene, much to his surprise, the role of Ms. Bunny Hemlock is being played by none other than James Corden.

In the end, neither one of them is getting the role and both were kicked off the set but, they soon realize that, just maybe, they could work together after all.  Corden says, “We’re a team, we should be working together.”

They find a project that they both can work on and, admittedly, we would LOVE to see this actually become a real thing instead of just a late night joke.

Check out the hilarious sketch of James Corden and David Beckham trying out for the role of James Bond below:

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