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WATCH: Country Musician Dierks Bentley Helps U.S. Soldier With Surprise Family Reunion

Published on May 4th, 2017 | Updated on May 4th, 2017 | By FanFest

The internet was created and exists for many, many reasons but, two of my favorite reasons are as follows: 1. Sharing adorable cats and dogs videos (or, really any adorable animal video would do.  Also, check out our Fan Fest Fuzzies articles for SO much cuteness, you won’t be able to take it) and reason number 2. Sharing videos of soldiers surprising their loved ones at home.

Seriously, I could watch a million and one of either type of video and still get the same warm, fuzzy and choked up feeling inside.  What gets me even more is when a celebrity who I adore is involved with the set up.  That’s just what happened with country music star Dierks Bentley at one of his recent shows.

Last week, before starting up his What the Hell World Tour performance at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California, Bentley helped Sgt. Steven Mendez pull off an amazing surprise for his family.  Prior to the concert, Sgt. Mendez’s two sons were partaking in a meet and greet and photo op session with Bentley.  The boys were completely preoccupied and star struck by Bentley that, they hardly noticed when Sgt. Mendez, who had been overseas for 10 months, casually walked into the room and stood right next to them.

Sgt. Mendez and his two sons embraced and held on to each other for dear life while Bentley, who appeared to be choked up by the moment, looked on from the side.  In fact, Bentley has this to say about that exact moment:

“I can’t begin to imagine the sacrifice of being away from your family for sometimes years.  I love the fact that country music fans hold our military and their families in such high regard and always jump at the chance to say thank you. It was a really cool moment in the show, and a really special thing for me to be part of.”

Check out the emotional reunion below:

Later on, during the concert,  Bentley (who, once again got emotional) invited the Mendez family onstage while he performed “Home.”  He thanked Sgt. Mendez for his service as the crowd broke out into a patriotic “U.S.A.” chant.  Check out the concert footage below:


Source: Nash Country Daily

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