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The Walking Dead: Was THIS The Show’s Most Shocking Moment!? Most People NEVER Saw It Coming! Maybe Not Even Jeffrey Dean Morgan Or Andrew Lincoln!

Published on April 30th, 2021 | Updated on April 30th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead has had some seriously crazy stuff happen on it over the years. For the last ten years, the show has kept us on the edge of our seat week after week. From that first episode, it felt like anything could happen! There have been a ton of surprises! Sophia being in the barn, Shane’s death, and all kinds of other things. Those moments are actually small when you compare them to some of the stuff that happened later on in The Walking Dead. The show has only gotten more brutal and intense as the years have gone on! There’s one moment that sticks out in my mind though, one that drove everyone crazy. Was THIS the show’s most shocking moment? I think so, personally, but you guys can tell me if you agree in the comments.

I’m talking, as I’m sure you guessed, about the season 6 finale. We were all waiting to see Negan make his live-action debut, and man, he didn’t disappoint. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the bat-wielding psycho. From the moment Negan stepped out of that trailer he controlled the screen. Our eyes were glues as he introduced himself and made his intentions known. No villain in The Walking Dead, before or after, has the kind of charisma Negan has. That’s one of the things that made him so deadly. Now, season 6 of The Walking Dead also had a teasing problem. The finale went full steam ahead with the teasing. When Negan brought Lucille down we had no idea who he was hitting! I remember being incredibly pissed off. It wouldn’t be until the season 7 premiere that we would learn who got smashed!

Why was this so shocking? Well, the easy target should have been Glenn. He’s the one who died in The Walking Dead #100 in the comic book. Steven Yeun had even talked publicly about how he wasn’t opposed to having that death. That’s why I think the moment is the most shocking; that and one other reason. As we all know by now, Abraham is the one who got smashed. If that’s where it ended it wouldn’t be that huge. The SHOCKING part comes moment later, when Glenn STILL gets killed. Absolutely wild.

That’s just my most shocking moment. Was this the show’s most shocking moment? Go ahead and let us know in the comments!

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