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Warner Bros and DC Should Calm Down They’re Doing Fine

It has been just over two months since Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice came out in theaters. Saying there were mixed reviews would be an understatement, people either loved or hated the movie. With the success of the Marvel cinematic universe Warner Brothers and DC have invested a lot of money and time into riding the comic success wave. Looking at the movie as a whole it was a success, it made more money than it spent and opened the way for the plethora of movies to follow. Since the release date Warner Bros. has seemed to scramble trying to make their team better, adding Ben Affleck, Geoff Johns, and now according to The Hollywood Reported Charles Roven, a veteran producer who has worked on Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman will be taking a lesser role moving forward. Instead of producer for rest of the DC films he will take on an executive producer role. This is due in part to the fact that one person can not produce so many films happening at one time all over the globe.

DC Comics/WB
DC Comics/WB

Part of the problem with all of this is the public perception of the films themselves, before Batman V Superman even hit theaters people were complaining of the movie being too dark and gritty. Zach Snyder’s vision of this world is a brutal place, and his characters are forced to suffer through it. Since the release of the first Iron Man film in 2008 comic fans have had an expectation of the feel of a comic movie. They are heroic, funny, and you always feel better about yourself when leaving the theater. Snyder’s heroes are a little more human in their reactions, they don’t always do the best thing for the world or even themselves. They make mistakes that don’t have a tidy way of being fixed. Their PTSD isn’t a neatly wrapped up story at the end of the movie, it is a battle that the character must face everyday for his entire life. With all of this public announcing of executive changes in the DC universe it makes it look like they have no confidence in themselves or the movies they have made to this point. I am not saying Batman V Superman was a flawless movie, I don’t think that movie exists, and as someone who literally has a Batman quote tattooed on my chest I am bias. None of that changes that it was an epic undertaking unlike anything I imagined, it felt like I was reading a comic book and had so many memorable moments, the Wonder Woman theme song will be burned into my memory for all of my life. The internet has an over abundance of people whining about movies…it is what the internet is for, our very own Mr Affleck himself said it best in his role in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,


Not commenting on the second part of that statement, but the first part has rung true since the internet was easily accessible to everyone. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone always has bad things to say, the internet is filled with super fans with super feelings who spread light and joy about the things they love. If the world would only focus on those people rather than the nasty ones this would be a more enjoyable place to be, but negativity sells. In this digital age if you read enough negative things its hard not to see those blaring flaws while watching it yourself. I will continue spreading the love for Batman, Superman, and the rest of the DC players, as well as Marvel because I truly think that any comic property succeeding is a success for all us nerdy people living our lives! Warner Bros. and DC need to take a page out of my book and have faith in their characters abilities to carry a story. Even if I have to make the entire world go see these movies myself I will, I guess what I am really saying is DC you need a hype man…(woman) I am the lady for the job!

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