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WandaVision: The Show Almost Explored Wanda’s Chaos Magic! Would Fans Have Preferred That?

Published on June 3rd, 2021 | Updated on June 3rd, 2021 | By FanFest

WandaVision was one heck of a ride from beginning to end. The show was very much a character study in Wanda and her grief and learning how to deal with that. It did several big things with the character, including setting her future up. The show almost explored Wanda’s chaos magic instead, though.

The show finally, properly, gave Wanda the moniker of The Scarlet Witch, though it seems like an actual thing in the MCU. Jac Schaeffer, head writer, has been discussing that recently in an interview with Rolling Stone. They had a whole segment dedicated to exploring Wanda’s chaos magic and ended up cutting the story.

“There was more dissection of the idea of chaos magic [the source of Wanda’s powers] in the [writers] room, too. When we hired Matt, there was a long period where we were trying to design a chaos dimension, which ended up not serving us and wasn’t necessary.” Schaeffer said.

It seems like plenty of things changed, based on Schaeffer’s comments. The series must have undergone some serious rewrites. Another, more surprising, aspect that changed is the character of Agatha Harkness.

Harkness was originally meant to be more of a mentor and less of a villain, according to Schaeffer. This would certainly have changed the dynamic of the entire show, to be sure!

“One of the things that never changed was that in the finale, Wanda would have to say goodbye to Vision. In my original notion of it, that goodbye was like a final binding spell that she had to do. And it was tied to a spell that Agatha had taught her early in the series, where a gravy tureen had shattered, and Agatha taught her this very basic binding spell,” Schaefer said. “In the end, what she has to do is integrate her trauma, and she has to bind Vision back to herself with that spell.”

Hell, we would argue it was the right decision based entirely on the “It Was Agatha All Along” song.
Just because some elements were cut doesn’t mean we’ll never see them again. Wanda will be appearing in Doctor Strange 2, so perhaps we could see the chaos dimension appear there? We wouldn’t complain, anyway.
Would you have wanted to see Wanda’s chaos magic? Let us know in the comments!
If you haven’t seen WandaVision yet you should check it out. The whole thing is on Disney+!

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