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Walking Dead: Negan 2.0 Will “Go Down Swinging”

Here’s Negan gave us a look at Negan’s origin story and how he became the man he is. It was actually one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead ever, in my opinion. It actually made me like Negan a whole bunch more than I did before. I know him better, I’m closer to him. You might even say I… love him. Okay, maybe not that far but I did really, really enjoy the episode. Negan is a better version of him now, he strolled right on back into Alexandria without a care in the world. Even after Carol’s warning that Maggie would kill him, he gave her a big ‘ole smile. IGN spoke to Jeffrey Dean Morgan about Negan 2.0, which I actually recommend you read. He claims his new Negan will “Go down swinging”!

Walking Dead: Negan 2.0 Will "Go Down Swinging"

Morgan spoke about how the origin story was really about Negan’s creation. He spoke about how when Negan’s wife died so did Negan Smith, and that gave birth to Negan. Now that he’s finally said goodbye to Lucille Morgan spoke about what’s ahead for Negan.

“Negan’s not running from it anymore. I mean, whatever happens, happens, but he’s gonna go down swinging. He’s gonna go down on his terms. He’s just not at a place now where he’s going to stay in a cabin by himself. He’s gonna go down swinging. Though I should be careful with that terminology. I mean, he’s not running from Maggie or anything else. I think after all that time in jail, and all that reflection, I think it’s time for Negan to be back. In whatever form that takes.”is what Jeffrey Dean Morgan had to say. He goes on to talk about what this new Negan is like.

“I think he’s probably somewhere in between the guy who came out of the Winnebago and the guy who was with his wife during her final days. It’ll fall somewhere in the middle. It will be a newer Negan. Negan 2.0. I think he’ll use the wisdom of the past and be a newer guy. He’s not going to shy away any of the bulls***t.”

I think a confrontation between Negan and Maggie is inevitable. I can’t wait to see who comes out on top! Come on Negan 2.0, let’s go!

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