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The Walking Dead: Dead City’ – Exploring Jerome’s Identity as Mentioned by The Croat

Published on October 10th, 2023 | Updated on October 10th, 2023 | By FanFest

Mystery of Jerome: The Walking Dead’s Season 1 Finale and the Intriguing Path to Season 2

The Walking Dead: Dead City' - Exploring Jerome's Identity as Mentioned by The Croat

The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 came to a thrilling conclusion on July 23, 2023, setting the stage for Season 2, as announced by AMC during SDCC 2023. While the season’s finale brought closure for many characters, one individual found himself in a less fortunate situation. During this episode, Željko Ivanek’s character, The Croat, made a mysterious reference to a man named Jerome, leaving viewers intrigued about his identity.

The episode centered on Maggie, portrayed by Lauren Cohan, successfully executing her plan to exchange Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, for her son, Hershel, portrayed by Logan Kim. Maggie cleverly manipulated Negan into believing she required his assistance in the rescue mission. However, it was revealed that Negan had inadvertently played a crucial role in Hershel’s abduction by The Croat and The Dama, portrayed by Lisa Emery. Their scheme revolved around Negan being the missing puzzle piece.

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When Negan found himself in The Croat’s captivity, an unexpected camaraderie emerged between the two characters. The Croat, seemingly thrilled to be in the presence of someone he considered a father figure, couldn’t contain his excitement. During their conversation, he disclosed that he had spent months scouring the mainland in search of Negan, commencing his quest at the long-abandoned Sanctuary—a desolate and melancholic sight. Over time, he had also learned of the men Negan had allegedly killed in New Babylon.

Who is Jerome in Dead City?

Walking Dead

Then, he casually brings up his encounter with Jerome, a former Savior who had fallen on hard times and was living a solitary existence. While initially reluctant to delve into the past, The Croat’s persuasive skills coax Jerome into sharing the widow’s tale. Jerome had been a witness to the harrowing events of the All Out War, which had pitted the Saviors against the Militia. He was the one who could recount the grim details of Glenn’s brutal demise at the merciless hands of Negan.

The revelation of this story sparked intrigue in The Croat, as he recognized an opportunity. He realized that Maggie, a formidable and cunning figure with her own set of vulnerabilities, might be the key to his plans involving Negan.

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Notably, this marks the first mention of Jerome within The Walking Dead series, suggesting that he might not have held significant importance to Negan. However, Jerome’s eyewitness account of past events could prove to be invaluable to The Croat, who was keen on leveraging this information to his advantage.

As the news of “The Walking Dead: Dead City” securing a renewal for its second season spreads, fans are left with burning questions. Will Negan revert to his former self and align with The Croat and Dama? Or will he somehow manage to evade their grasp once more, leaving his ultimate fate hanging in the balance? The upcoming season promises to continue the enthralling narrative that began in the initial six episodes, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Quick summary

  • “The Walking Dead: Dead City” Season 1 concluded with an exciting finale in July 2023 and announced Season 2 during SDCC 2023. The episode revolves around Maggie’s clever plan to exchange Negan for her son Hershel, with Negan inadvertently becoming a key figure in his abduction by The Croat and The Dama.
  • The mysterious character Jerome, a former Savior, is introduced in the episode, sharing a significant story about Glenn’s death during the All Out War. This revelation intrigues The Croat, leading him to consider Maggie’s potential role in his plans involving Negan, setting the stage for Season 2’s uncertain developments.

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