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The Walking Dead: 7 Bad Decisions That Got Characters Hurt or Killed

Published on September 3rd, 2020 | Updated on September 5th, 2020 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead has had some iconic moments, such as Sophia walking out of the barn as a walker or Rick Grimes declaring that Terminus has F’d with the wrong people.  Yet, there were moments where characters did some pretty stupid stuff.  Now we aren’t saying these are mistakes by the writers or poor acting.  What we are saying is that these are some stupid decisions that caused some major problems for characters.  Some of these decisions cost them their lives.

The Walking Dead: 7 Bad Decisions That Got Characters Hurt or Killed

Number 7 – Rick Holds the CDC Secret Too Long

We aren’t quite sure why Rick (Andrew Lincoln) waited as long as he did to share the secret that Dr. Jenner whispered into his ear.  But we do know that keeping a secret that big, from the end of Season 1 all the way to the end of Season 2 wasn’t a good idea.

Remember the Ricktatorship? We think this has something to do with it. It was another way that Rick had control over the group early-on.

Honestly, his reasoning, which was because he wasn’t sure if it was really true or not, doesn’t hold a lot of weight. He should have told everyone.

The Walking Dead: 7 Bad Decisions That Got Characters Hurt or Killed
AMC/Gene Page

Number 6 – CDC. It’s Never Mentioned Again

Keeping tied into number seven, let’s remind you that no one ever mentions the CDC again, other than Rick’s disclosure of his secret.  Here’s why this isn’t a great decision.

In the third season, Andrea (Laurie Holden) helps Milton (Dallas Roberts) conduct experiments on the dead to see if they retain any of their old selves. She knows that they don’t!

Then in season five, when the group meets Eugene, Eugene says he needs to get to Washington to work on a cure. The group are a little bit skeptical, but ultimately believe him. Why? They were already told by Dr. Jenner that Washington has fallen and no one is working on a cure!

Number 5 – Sam Calling Out for His Mom

Remember that annoying kid, Sam. Remember when he yelled out for his mom in a sea of walkers? Remember that they then ate him? Yeah. That’s all.

The Walking Dead: 7 Bad Decisions That Got Characters Hurt or Killed

Number 4 – The CGI Deer

The actor who played the CGI deer definitely wasn’t on their A-game that day.  They only showed up as more of an illusion.  We heard they weren’t asked back.

We’re kidding. The CGI deer doesn’t qualify for this list.

The Walking Dead: 7 Bad Decisions That Got Characters Hurt or Killed

Number 3 – Beth Tries to Kill Officer Dawn

In one of those moments where you literally yell at the screen, “What were you thinking,” Beth (Emily Kinney) ends her own life by trying to take the life of Officer Dawn.  (Some people secretly claim to be happy that this also ended the entire Beth in the hospital story arc that went nowhere.)

As Rick and the gang come to Beth’s rescue at the hospital, in a twist of fate, Beth tries to kill Officer Dawn as she is leaving.  Unfortunately, Beth tried to stab a fully armored police officer with a small pair of scissors… in the chest!  This wasn’t a smart move at all!

Beth could have at least gone for Officer Dawn’s throat, but instead, Dawn was able to respond with a gunshot that killed Beth.

Don’t get us wrong, this was a terrible moment on the show and it sent Daryl and Maggie into a dark place.  But, we seem to remember Daryl being waaaay more upset for a longer period of time than Maggie.

Number 2 – Lori Crashes on an Open Road

Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) may be the most despised character that wasn’t intentionally written as a villain on The Walking Dead. And, what she did as a mother never won her any awards.

Rick had gone to look for Hershel (Scott Wilson) but he hadn’t returned.  So she decided she’d go find Rick. A few problems with this.

First, Lori tells no one that she’s planning on leaving, including her son.

Second, Lori goes by herself.

Third, Lori decides to look at a map while driving.

Fourth, she hits a walker on an open road.

Fifth, she freaks out and swerves.

Then, it’s Shane who has to figure out where Lori is. Not Rick.  Geeeezzzz!

Number 1 – Andrea Shoots Daryl

Let’s be honest. We remember this moment because we almost lost Daryl (Norman Reedus). Had Daryl died, just think of all of those riots!

In Season Two, Daryl had constantly searched for Carol’s daughter, Sophia. As he returned back, he was exhausted and dirty and walking just like a walker. Andrea was eager to prove her worth as a marksman and take out a walker from long-range. Unfortunately, her vision was worse than her range, as she shot and struck Daryl.

Nothing ultimately came of this moment, but it was one of the dumbest decisions, if not the dumbest, by a character on The Walking Dead.

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5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: 7 Bad Decisions That Got Characters Hurt or Killed

  1. I think you killed off Jesus way to fast. And killing Carl, and then Rick. Stopped watching. Sad I loved it so much that I missed them like they were family.

  2. One of the DUMBEST decisions was early on when Dale (whom I really liked) decided to go for a late night stroll… alone… and got killed by a walker.. what was he thinking???

  3. Well for me the most stupid moment in TWD history is the attack on the satellite outpost. If going by the character that the writers wrote Rick never would have attacked this outpost. He is going on the word of a man that stole from them, lied to them and whooped both his and Darryl asses. He doesn’t know anything about him or the outpost to make the decision that he made. Even with hungry people to take care of he wouldn’t have put the group into a situation that he had not done a little recon and gotten a better plan. This story line sucked horribly and was by far the stupidest of the franchise.


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