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Walker Stalker Nashville: Bringing our Walking Dead Family ‘Home’

Published on June 5th, 2017 | Updated on June 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

At the end of our Walker Stalker Atlanta 2016 convention, we said that there’s a feeling about the city that reminds us of home. This year, the sentiment was further extended when we invited you to our home city for the second year in a row. Walker Stalker Nashville took over the Music City Center on June 4th and 5th and the feeling of being surrounded by our extended Walking Dead family was exactly what we all needed.

From panels where Christian Serratos surprising Michael Cudlitz with a peck on the cheek – we miss the dynamic between those two, to autograph lines where Cooper Andrews spent time handing out peach cobbler, this convention will always hold a special place in our hearts.

In terms of panels; our lineup this weekend was incredible. We got to speak to Karl Makinen, who was in awe of the audience, about how he learned of his character’s fate and how the show isn’t about violence, but humanity instead.

We also got to talk to Michael Cudlitz, who we miss so much, about the best thing that came out of The Walking Dead – which he says (and we agree) is the opportunity to be at events like Walker Stalker and connect with fans.

When Irone got on stage and said he thinks therapy could solve a lot of Negan’s problems, the audience had a right laugh and when Scott Wilson said he still watches the show and he’s proud, especially of Lauren who played his on-screen daughter, our hearts were so full. This cast has extended their love to their fans but also to one another.

We also got an exclusive excerpt from Jay Bonansinga’s new Walking Dead novel, which was incredible.

Chad Coleman talked about how Tyreese wanted the world to be a better place, and that his life is a reflection of that. He also spoke about how he knew his character’s death would be memorable. He told us at Walker Stalker Atlanta last year that his death is part of what drew him to his character, and when we asked if he’d have traded with anyone else – it was a hard pass. He was proud of what Tyreese meant to the show, and what he still does.

We also got to talk to Steve Yeun who also had a special guest during his panel – Michael Cudlitz – and how he messes with fans who want that ‘secret’ information about spoilers. The response was pretty great. On top of that, he spoke about Glenn’s death and how it wasn’t the gore that made it so terrible, but the fact that it was a humiliating and brutal way.

On top of the awesome panels; the cosplay this year was indescribable, the photo ops were some of the best we’ve seen (be on the lookout for some highlights of those very soon), and the entire feeling across the convention hall was one that we can’t describe as anything other than comfortable. We had a family together, with cast members current and past, even from shows other than The Walking Dead, and all of you made it even more incredible.

The last few weeks have rocked the types of fandoms that we are all so closely associated with. From the terror attack in Manchester to the attempted act of violence at the Phoenix Comicon – not to mention the attacks in the busy cities of London and New York – large groups of people were targeted when they were gathering to enjoy things that bring us closer together. Concerts and Conventions are a type of home for people who feel like they don’t have it elsewhere. There are bonds built and relationships formed that mean so much to all of us and perhaps more than that – they’re places that offer safety and solace.

When these places were threatened, we could have let fear dictate our next moves, you could have decided to ‘play it safe’ and stay home, but you didn’t, we didn’t. Instead, we brought love and togetherness to the place that we call home and with that came a renewed spirit of bravery and strength. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for bringing love and brotherhood to our city this weekend; we can’t wait to see you again soon.

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