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Walker Stalker Con is Undead Fun for Fans of The Walking Dead

Published on March 20th, 2017 | Updated on March 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

If you love The Walking Dead as much as I do, (and that’s a lot!) then you need to experience a Walker Stalker Con. These special conventions put on by Fan Fest for The Walking Dead fans, give you a unique chance to meet your favorite stars and see how amazing they are with the folks who love them! They are truly interactive conventions and no Walking Dead fan should miss going to at least one. They even do a cruise! I have been to three such amazing cons and each one was different and special. Walker Stalker Con has become an incredibly popular convention and offers something for everyone, from the die-hard fan, families or even someone just getting interested in the genre. This year the locations to choose from in 2017 are: Chicago, San Francisco, Nashville, Portland, Tulsa, Boston, Philly, Atlanta, New Jersey, London, and they are working on adding Germany and Australia!  Zombie enthusiasts and fans of the number one show on television, The Walking Dead, unite!!

“I especially love meeting the little ones at Walker Stalker. Nothing is more special than seeing a child’s face light up.” – Michael Cudlitz, Abraham on The Walking Dead

My first Walker Stalker Con was in San Francisco 2015. I was blown away at how many fans were there and how nice everyone was to them. I met friends I will keep forever, stars from the show and felt a camaraderie that had me immediately look forward to the next one. Since I happened to be cosplaying as a walker, I got a fun offer to be in a Walking Dead parody video by RomeyRo Films. Every time I watch the video I remember how much fun I had.


Walker Stalker number two for me, was held at Petco Stadium during SD Comic Con. This one had a whole different vibe and included getting to run through The Walking Dead Escape. A friend of mine was doing makeup and I got to watch the transformations of hundreds of fans turn into walkers and then experience the fun of the simulated apocalypse.

“Walker Stalker has an energy I haven’t seen anywhere else. We’re not meeting fans, we’re hanging out with family.” – Josh McDermitt, Eugene on The Walking Dead

My third Walker Stalker experience was in New Jersey. Yet again a whole different kind of convention than the others, but one that was very special to me, because of finally getting to meet Norman Reedus and Steven Yuen for the first time. They were so cool! Meeting new friends, I will never forget, is part of the total experience. Walker Stalker Con is so well organized and even knowing you must wait in lines to see your favorite stars, you have fun with the other fans.

Attendees can also participate in a range of engaging and unique activities, including: Free panel sessions led by stars from some of television’s most popular shows. Photo ops with all the stars are available. Vendors who deal in the comic, entertainment, zombie and other genres are available to help fill up your genre collections. Think you can’t afford to go? There are even a number of opportunities to volunteer at the event, which can be found on the Walker Stalker Con website. Walker Stalker Con is not always limited to just The Walking Dead. I also met Robert Englund, the stars from Night of the Living Dead, Dr. Who, Hellboy, Boondock Saints, Vampire Diaries, Z-Nation and many others.



Cosplay is a big part of Walker Stalker and the costumes the fans come up with are so well done and creative! Zombies and cosplayers roam the convention floor, making for interactive experiences attendees will never forget. If you go- feel free to represent as your favorite character- you might win the costume contest!

Gareth and Me!

My next Walker Stalker Con is in just a few weeks in San Francisco! I can’t wait!!

For the entire list of Walker Stalker Conventions coming up in 2017 please check out their:
Website or Facebook Page

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