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Walker Stalker Con Atlanta: T-Dog/IronE Singleton Panel

Published on October 27th, 2018 | Updated on October 27th, 2018 | By FanFest

Walker Stalker Atlanta is in full swing this weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center for the biggest Walking Dead fan meetup all year!

Today is day two, and several panels are taking place, including one with IronE Singleton, known in the walker world for his role as T-Dog.

Here’s what’s happening on the panel!

IronE Singleton, perhaps the most energetic man in the entire world, took the stage with gusto! When asked how he’s enjoying the biggest celebration of The Walking Dead so far, he responded, “I’m inspired. I’m full when I leave Walker Stalker Con. I’m fulfilled,” he continued, “It’s a beautiful thing and I hope it lasts forever!”

Speaking about his time on The Walking Dead, IronE said:

“I thought it would just be a check and it would last for a season. I thought, how can you continue to write a show about zombies chasing and eating people. Now they’re in season nine! It’s quite a show.”

He is watching the ninth season of the show and is loving it! While IronE is e said:

“It seems like the show has going back to its roots. It has a bit more heart and less gratuitous violence. In season nine, I’m seeing that it’s going back to its roots.”

IronE spoke about the tremendous loss of legendary and beloved actor Scott Wilson. He said, “We lost an amazing soul.” He continued to tell a sweet story about the time he first met Scott on set. They found themselves having a lot in common, including the fact that Wilson’s wife is named Heavenly and IronE’s daughter’s name is Heaven. Getting choked up and holding back tears, he said:

“He turned from a friend into a mentor. He was always about positivity. I never had a bad moment with Scott. The way you are supposed to live this life, he did. Every day, he loved everybody. He was always so positive, so kind, so gentle, compassionate, so loving, and he’s one of the best human beings I’ve ever met in my life!”

A fan asked IronE what he thought about Carl’s death on the show. IronE, like every fan of The Walking Dead was upset by Carl’s death. He said, “That was sad. I don’t agree with that. That was one of the deaths that just really shocked me. I think a lot of people thought that Carl was going to take the torch and run with it. Take it from Rick, he was going to pass it on to his son – the new generation. I think Chandler had many, many fans, and when he died viewership [dropped]. This is why I don’t know, business-wise, what type of move that was, and it hurt for me personally because we started together.”

Speaking on another big departure for the series, Andrew Lincoln’s impending exit, IronE says he understands Lincoln’s wanting to be with his family. He said:

“I applaud him for doing the honorable thing, and I respect him tremendously for that, but it’s sad to see that he will no longer be a part of the show. It will be interesting to see where the show goes from there.”

IronE spoke about how he turned his life around from the lowest point to be an endless source of positivity. After the heartbreaking death of his mother, he went down a dark path before turning his life around. He said, “I’m going to make sure that my mother’s life wasn’t lived in vain. You give that love and it will come back to you. It’s been a journey of cleansing myself throughout the years.”

When asked, if T-dog was still alive in season nine, whose side would he be on – Rick’s side or with Maggie and Daryl? Without hesitation, he responded:

“I’d take Rick. I’d take Rick all the way from day one! T-dog’s actions were a reflection of mine and I don’t think anybody should die. As long as we live, there’s always hope. I think that anybody could be inspired. Even Negan, as deeply disturbed as he is, he just needs a good psychiatrist.”

A young fan asked IronE why he left the show. IronE jokingly replied, “Well, Carol baked cookies. True story! She baked cookies and I ate the whole pan! I didn’t share the cookies with anybody.” After a boisterous laugh from the crowd, he earnestly answered,  “It was to propel the show forward. It was to move the show forward and I respect that decision. My character was supposed to die in season 1, episode 3 or 4. I wasn’t supposed to even live through the CDC. I should have been gone, but because of God’s grace, I lived into season 3.”

IronE closed out his panel with a simple request to everyone in attendance:

“Love each other.”


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