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Wait! Did The DJ Just Call Me Old?

Welcome dear readers to what I am calling a “rabbit hole” into my deeply twisted train of thought for this article.
I was driving along today, just minding my own business. Out of nowhere, the DJ came on the radio and basically said:

“Hey, Rachel in case you are not painfully aware of it but my dear you are OLD”.

I was shocked. First, I didn’t know how he knew my name or how old I was, but I was really offended.

Okay, I may be exaggerating this story a tad.
The DJ did not know my name, but he did make me aware that I am old.

He just referred to Britney SpearsOops I Did It Again‘ as an “oldie”. I sort of got woozy and lightheaded. Then, I looked around for Ashton Kutcher because I was sure I was getting ‘Punked‘. (We have already determined I am old, can we move on already?)

I sat at the red light for a few seconds too long until the car behind me honked to which I, of course, gave the finger because my life had just changed forever.

This person wanted me to drive on as if nothing had happened. When did ‘Oops I Did It Again‘ become an “oldie”, I spent the rest of my day in a haze and decided to find out not just for myself, but for all of us 40- year-olds whose lives change when we realize that the songs we were singing in high school and college are now oldies and classics. (If you are doing the math, no I was not singing ‘Oops I Did It Again‘ in high school, but are you really going to kick an “old woman” when she is down?)

So, according to the experts (not sure what makes them experts), anything 10-20 years or older is now considered a classic oldie in the world of music. Now when I hear the words oldie or classic I think ‘Lean On Me‘, ‘Freebird’, ‘Hound Dog‘ or ‘Love Me Tender’. So, I wanted to take a moment and to list for you some songs that are now considered to be “oldies” or “classics” and I want you to let this sink in-really sink in.

Cher (1998)–‘Believe
Christina Aguilera (1999)—’Genie in a Bottle’
NSYNC (2000)—’Bye Bye Bye’
Eminem (2000)—’The Real Slim Shady’
Destiny’s Child (2001)—’Bootylicious’
Nelly (2001)—’Hot in Herre’
50 Cent (2003)—’In Da Club
Usher (2004)—’Yeah’
Snoop Dogg (2004)—’Drop It Like It’s Hot
Black Eyed Peas (2005)—’My Humps

There you have just some of what are now considered oldies and classics. Maybe not to everyone, but there is no shame in my game. These are all on my cell phone. So not only do you know how old I am, you also know I have an odd taste in music. We all have our quirks.

So one day when you are driving to work, you will find yourself getting slapped in the face with the knowledge that you are old, because your favorite song has become an “oldie”.
You will have a flashback to this article and think “I remember when that crazy old lady with Fan Fest tried to warn me”.

Happy Classic Music Listening!