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Video Shows Johnny Depp’s Lawyer, Camille Vasquez, Laugh and Smile When Asked if the Two are Dating

Published on May 19th, 2022 | Updated on May 19th, 2022 | By FanFest

  • When asked if Depp was dating her, Depp’s lawyer burst out laughing but didn’t reply.
  • TMZ asked Camille Vasquez on Wednesday to address speculation about their relationship.
  • Vasquez is representing Depp in a high-profile defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

When asked by a reporter whether she was dating her client, one of Johnny Depp‘s attorneys responded with a laugh and said nothing.

There is no evidence that the two are a couple, and neither has said anything to suggest their relationship is anything more than professional.

For days, rumors about Camille Vasquez, one of Johnny Depp’s three attorneys, have circulated on social media.

Fans seized on video of him greeting and joking with her around the courthouse to support their claims.

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Johnny Depp is facing a high-profile lawsuit from his ex-wife, the actress Amber Heard, whom he claims in a 2018 essay defamed him by claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. Although Depp was not mentioned specifically, his lawyers argue that it’s clear Heard was blaming him for abuse.

On Wednesday, a reporter asked Vasquez to clear the record of her relationship with Johnny Depp outside the courthouse in Fairfax County, Virginia, in a video that was posted online.

“The people want to know, are you dating Johnny Depp? It’s all over the internet. Can you set the record straight, yes or no?,” the reporter is heard asking.

In the video, Depp appears to chuckle while Vasquez seems to laugh off his answer by going on to greet his fans and pet a dog.

Aside from Depp, his legal team is made up of Benjamin Chew, another Brown Rudnick lawyer. Since March 2019, when Depp filed the lawsuit against Heard, the case has been in motion.

johnny depp with attorney camille vasquez

The trial began on May 2 and is set to conclude on May 27. The trial has been livestreamed online so that people can watch it.

In her opening statement, Vasquez said that Depp had his demons, but that he would never abuse Heard.

It is being reported that Depp hit her on multiple occasions and that one time he even slammed her head against a wall.

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