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Video Game Spotlight: ‘Titanfall 2’

Published on April 17th, 2017 | Updated on April 17th, 2017 | By FanFest

For those of you who highly enjoy the type of video games from a first person shooter perspective where you can run around and wreck havoc in ways that differ from your basic Call of Duty, I would have to say that Titanfall 2 is the game for you.

Titanfall 2 is probably one of the more underrated games of 2016 and I personally feel as thought it has not gained the proper praise and attention that it has earned. While some will argue that this is because it was released around the same time as Battlefield One and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, others claim that it was not marketed and promoted as well.

Personally, as a Public Relations major myself, I feel as though it could have definitely been better promoted. Call of Duty has been stealing the spotlight from many games for years, and I feel as though Respawn, creators of the game series, could have done a much better job at promoting it at the time. The good news is, that it was critically acclaimed and had several songs of praises; and rightfully so. The visuals and gaming content are incredibly impressive and breath-takingly amazing. The single-player campaign in Titanfall 2 is phenomenal on its own, and when you add the core concept of ‘multi-player’ it gets even better.

I would also like to that this moment to praise Respawn, as EA has recently revealed that major updates and changes will be coming to the game. In a blog post in the Frontier News Network series, we learned that players can expect a steady stream of new content in the coming months.

Two new general multiplayer maps, Glitch and Relic, will be added for starters. In addition to the new multiplayer maps, players will also be gaining two Live Fire maps — the constrained venues featuring six vs. six pilot combat and lightning fast one-minute rounds. What may you ask is better than getting four new gaming maps? All four will be free to players.

The best news of all, which is incredibly exciting, is that Respawn has announced that they will be bringing in a new Titan before June’s end. Okay, let me take a minute to talk about this and how cool it is that you can summon your own ‘titan’; and your pilot can climb in it and absolutely wreck havoc on all of your enemies. Again, I stress how amazing the engineering and design that all these individual titans possess. No titans look the same, and they all possess different specialties. Pretty much, all I have to say is that any game with giant robots is better than not having giant robots.



So far, the new Titan’s identity is currently listed as ‘classified’ (darn!), but this marks the first time that players will receive a post-gaming launch Titan; and yes, this new Titan will also be free for players to download.

Players can also expect a slew of additional features to come to Titanfall 2 in the next couple of months, too. The Gen level cap will be raised to 100, and a new faction will be added, as well as a new game mode called “Marked for Death.” Live Fire and Coliseum will be selectable in private matches, and a new batch of Pilot executions is on the horizon.

Titanfall 3 has yet to be announced, Respawn has hinted that they it is always experimenting with “future Titanfall projects.”


I would definitely given this game 5 out of 5 stars! Now go get your Titan on!

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