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Vice Principals: How will the series end?

Published on November 11th, 2017 | Updated on November 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

It’s been a crazy school year at North Jackson High School.  The final episode of Vice Principals, airing Sunday on HBO  already has many asking the same question: how will it end? The show, which is comprised of 2 seasons(each covering a school semester) has seemingly wrapped up the “Who Shot Gamby?” plotline in the penultimate episode “Venetian Nights”, leaving many to question how ultimately will the show end. If this were a normal show or movie, surely “Venetian” would wrap everything up quite nicely in a neat little bow. Gamby discovered constant frenemy Lee Russell was the shooter, and orchestrated a plan that in the end, led to Lee resigning and Gamby getting what he wanted all along: the sole title of Principal. To add that cherry on top of the cake, he finally got his longstanding love interest  Miss Snodgrass back, as they slow danced at Prom to close out the show.


Like I said, about as perfect of a storybook ending as could be considered. But this is Vice Principals, and we know things don’t tend to end on a happy note. So with that being said, what will happen?  That leads me to two different but potentially likely scenarios:


Was Russell the Culprit?

The first scenario is one that I believe is the least likely to occur, but is worth a mention nonetheless. In this one, Gamby was correct in that Lee Russell was the shooter.  After successfully ousting Lee as Principal, the finale episode shows what North Jackson High has become under the rule of Gamby. Whether it be an immediate follow up or a time jump to further emphasize changes, we get a good look at what Gamby’s professional and personal life is like following the series events.



Killer still loose?

This is where things could get crazy, and based on creator’s Danny Mcbride/Jody Hill’s previous collaborations the most likely to occur. While it makes sense that Lee would be the shooter to become the Principal of North Jackson, in the end the reveal…seems kind of staged.  For Lee Russell, the man who has binders of  research/information on everybody he works with (also hidden where only his ex-wife knew)to make as big of a mistake as leaving the murder outfit in the trunk of his ex-wife’s Jeep seems…unlike him. For this one, I will go with the notion that Lee was not the shooter.  Whether he comes back to help Gamby or Gamby figures it out on his own though is up for debate. My money in this scenario is on the woman who has had a one-sided crush on Gamby through out the whole series being the shooter:Miss Abott(Edi Patterson). After all. she stood the most to gain. The shooting of Gamby broke up the relationship between Gamby/Snodgrass for a good half a season, allowing Abott to interject her self more into Gamby’s life. Also, she had access to Lee’s Jeep multiple times, both in and out of school to plant the shooter’s outfit to lead to the Lee accusation, nevermind the fact that she clearly didn’t care at all for Lee(with her actively trying to get him fired for the HSAT Scores AND wanting to leave immediately when Lee reveals his ex-wife left him). Also damning is that at the end of “Venetian”, she was not happy, staring very angrily back at the sight of Gamby/Snodgrass slow dancing. Could she strike again and this time, do more than just injure?

All these questions aside, I know we  are going to be in for a treat for tomorrow’s  series finale. What do you think will happen? Will there be any other reveals that you think will go down? Will you miss Vice Principals as much as me? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out the series finale of Vice Principals tomorrow on HBO!


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