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Vampire Diaries Recap: “What Are You?”

Published on February 15th, 2017 | Updated on February 19th, 2017 | By FanFest

Last week we watched the love of Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) life die right in front of her. We also watched as she stabbed Stefan (Paul Wesley) with the cure. This week begins with Matt (Zach Roerig) having a dream where he witnesses the moment the bell was struck and the witches were burned alive. He wakes up disoriented and finds himself in the cave holding the necklace that was found in the time capsule. When he emerges from the cave, the alarm to the Armory is sounding loudly and Alaric (Matthew Davis) storms in thinking there is an intruder.

Bonnie meanwhile is paralyzed by Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) death and finally answers the phone by her side. It’s Damon (Ian Somerhalder) who is panicked about Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) safety. She tells Damon that Stefan killed Enzo and that she in turn stabbed him with the cure. And oh yes, Damon, Elena is safe. Poor Bonnie, it’s always about the Salvatore brothers or Elena…geesh!

Now that Stefan has regained his humanity, the guilt of everything he did over the past few month has come rushing over him. Memories of his victims play through his head as he drives aimlessly. He hesitates before answering Caroline’s call. She, of course, has spoken to Damon who has filled her in on Enzo and the cure. He feels terrible, especially for what he did to Enzo and Bonnie, and doesn’t want to face anyone. While she attempts to convince him to return home, a cop pulls him over. Seeing the blood on Stefan’s hands the cop immediately arrests him.

Back at the Armory, Alaric has returned in order to help Dorian (Demetrius Bridges). In talking to Matt, they try to figure out what his sleepwalking dream could mean. Dorian deduces that the necklace is a witch talisman that links Matt to his ancestor Ethan Maxwell (aka Harvey the skeleton). What he is seeing is not a nightmare, but in fact memories, similar to the ones that the skeleton wrote about in his journal. They are interrupted by a call that brings them up to speed on sad news of Enzo and Stefan.

Damon and Caroline have a quick call where she informs him that Stefan has been arrested and she is on her way to him. She still can’t reach Bonnie, which doesn’t surprise Damon. He knows how much she is hurting and talking to Caroline will only make it worse since it is Stefan’s fault. Damon plans to meet Caroline at the police station where Stefan is being held, however, he has a surprise visit from Cade. Apparently with Stefan becoming human again, their agreement is no longer valid. The arrangement was for two immortals and now that Stefan is mortal, they are no good to him. Of course Cade is not going to let this go without consequences. He is going to give Stefan until midnight before killing him. Knowing that there is more to this, Damon strikes another deal. Cade wants Ethan Maxwell’s journal, so he agrees to deliver it to him in order to save his brother.

As Bonnie is in her kitchen, she hears Enzo’s voice for a split second asking for help. She is then interrupted by a knock at the door. It turns out that since Caroline couldn’t reach her, she called her mom, Abby. She knew Bonnie needed someone to get through this tough time.

While Stefan has been locked up, he is reminded of the thirty-two victims that the authorities have linked to him. When Caroline reaches him, she compels everyone to let him go. Stefan still believes that he is bound to Cade, but Caroline gives him the latest update. Good news, the deal is off. Bad news, Cade has given him until midnight to live. Not to worry though, Damon is on it!

While Matt has been trying to contact Bonnie, Damon arrives asking to borrow Maxwell’s journal. Knowing that Damon has something up his sleeve, Alaric demands to know the real reason he wants the book. There is no way they are going to willingly give up the book to the devil himself. As Damon goes for the book, Alaric stabs him from behind.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and her mom prepare to give Enzo a burial. However, she is unable to let him go since she can still feel him, there might be a chance to save him. She tells her mom about hearing his voice and her mom thinks it’s grief. Since neither of them have their magic anymore, Bonnie is adamant that there still must be a way to reach him to know for sure.

At the police station, everywhere Stefan looks, he sees the pain he has caused people. One their way out, he overhears a little girl reporting her missing mother. It turns out that the missing mother is the realtor that Stefan used to get access to Bonnie’s house. He attacked her and then stuffed her bleeding body in the truck of the car and left her someplace to die. They know they have to go find her.

Erika Doss/The CW

When Damon wakes up, he is in a cell at the Armory. On the other side of the glass window, they are prepping Matt for a hypnosis session so they can figure out why this journal is so important to Cade. Matt goes down pretty quick and he is able to walk them through his vision. He sees Ethan working on the bell and he is with Beatrice Bennett. They are in front of the house talking about the bell. The initial goal of creating this bell was to stop the ‘monsters’ in the woods from killing more of their people. All of a sudden who should show up, but Sybil (Nathalie Kelley). As you recall, we learned a while back that the sirens had ‘befriended’ Ethan Maxwell. Sybil uses her siren abilities to force Ethan to follow her as she is in need of his metalsmith skills. She brings him to the cave and the room where all their treasures, tools, and weapons are kept. Ethan notices one particular weapon and inquires about it. Sybil reveals that it is made from the ash and bones of Cade that was forged into glass by hellfire. Just then Seline (Kristen Gutoskie) also appears and she has the tuning fork. Together they force him to add the tuning fork to his bell. The bell, which was built for protection, is now going to be used for a different purpose. They want to use it to release hellfire and incinerate the entire town.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and her mom attempt to see if they can still sense whether he is there or not. Her mom is suddenly jolted by fear as she sees the moment of his death. She explains that Bonnie has opened the door to something very dark. She discourages Bonnie from going any further fearing for her own safety. Bonnie argues that if there is a chance to help him she will take it, but suddenly in the midst of their argument, she collapses.

Back in the woods, Caroline and Stefan are searching for the realtor since she was not in trunk where he left her. They eventually find her bleeding and completely terrified. When Stefan comes upon her, she stabs him with a metal object. Caroline rushes to save them. She feeds the realtor her blood, and when she goes to do the same for Stefan, it doesn’t work. Since Stefan has the cure in his blood, vampire blood won’t be able to heal him.

Erika Doss/The CW

As we return into the past via Matt’s hypnosis session, we see that Ethan is unable to warn Beatrice because he’s been compelled not to say anything. However, that doesn’t prevent him from writing and so he quickly hands her a note and the cipher. She uses the cipher to reveal what he couldn’t say; the bell has been corrupted. As he begins to strike the bell, she attempts to tell everyone what she discovered. She instructs them to join together as she casts a spell. To protect the town and prevent the devil from getting out, the witches sacrifice themselves. The hellfire that unleashes manages to stay contained and only Beatrice and Ethan remain. Beatrice comes up with a plan to stop the sirens. They meet them in the cave and she casts another spell to trap them. However the sisters are still able to siren Ethan through the wall, and before he can hurt Beatrice, she traps him in the treasure filled room and leaves him. He pleads with her but since he still is unable to tell her how to kill the devil, he frantically writes it in his journal. That’s why Cade wants the journal!

Erika Doss/The CW

With the stress of what he is experiencing, Matt goes into cardiac arrest. In order to save him Alaric let’s Damon out so he can feed Matt his blood. As he stabilizes, they discover the journal is gone and so is Damon. We all knew that was going to happen, didn’t we?

While Bonnie lay on the floor, her mother lights up Enzo’s remains in an effort to save her. It was the only way to break the link. She tries to convince Bonnie to let him go. Could Enzo be trapped somewhere and now that his body is gone, can he ever come back?

Damon returns home with the journal and of course Cade is waiting. He asks if anyone has ever earned his or her way out of hell. Cade doesn’t exactly respond with a no, but says, “I wouldn’t want to give you false hope.” He then throws the journal into the fire. Is the secret to killing him completely lost?

Stefan and Caroline were successfully able to save the realtor and reunite her with her daughter. Even though he had passed out in the woods due to the loss of blood, he was able to get stitched up at the hospital. Stefan apologizes for everything that he has done and he isn’t sure how he can make things right. The most difficult part will be seeing Bonnie, but he knows that he has to start with her. Additionally, now that he has the cure, things have also changed between him and Caroline. What does this mean for their relationship?

When Bonnie arrives home, Matt is there waiting. Even after everything he has been through, he is there for his friend. Knowing all too well what she is going through, he lets her know that he is there for her. After all, their families go way back!

At the Salvatore house, Stefan stops by before heading to Bonnie’s. He knows he has to confront her. He thanks Damon for saving him…again. The damage that they have caused so many people is weighing heavily on him. He asked Damon if there is a chance for redemption, to which Damon replies, ‘absolutely.’ These two really can’t ever catch a break. Stefan then heads to Bonnie’s house. When he arrives he summons his courage to face her. However, before he reaches the door, someone tases him from behind and takes him away. Ummm, who the heck could this be?

Damon returns to the Armory, interrupting Dorian and Alaric. Dorian was about to say something to Alaric, but it’s obvious he doesn’t want to do it in front of Damon. Alaric is clearly furious with Damon for handing the journal to Cade. As per usual, Damon doesn’t apologize for trying to save his brother, especially now that he is human. As they argue, he divulges that all is not lost. He reveals that Sybil had an insurance policy for handling Cade – an old artifact that was forged from the forces that trapped Cade. He wants Alaric to join him in formulating a plan to kill him. With that last bit, the most unexpected blast from the past walks through the door, Kai Parker (Chris Wood)! Kai is back and apparently he has an alternative idea! This should be interesting! Can these three really work together to kill the devil?

With four more episodes remaining, are you curious as to who else might make a surprise appearance?

Next episode “The Lies Will Catch Up To You” Preview:

What is Kai doing back in town and can they work together to kill Cade, or will Alaric finally get his revenge?


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