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Vampire Diaries Recap: “We’re Planning a June Wedding”

Published on March 5th, 2017 | Updated on March 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Cade (Wolé Parks) has finally been destroyed, and Damon (Ian Somherhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) are no longer going to hell. Before they can celebrate, Kai (Chris Wood) let’s Bonnie in on a little secret. Hell didn’t go away along with Cade. In fact, it is now being ruled by someone they are all too familiar with, Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) and when the bell was rung, Cade wasn’t the only one who got out. Doesn’t it make you wonder how many others also got out along with those two?

Yes folks, Katherine is back and we all know she is up to no good. There is no other person from the Salvatore bothers’ past that hates them more. The episode begins with a mystery woman waltzing into town, she crosses paths with her first victim and in this moment you’re left wondering if this could be the infamous Katherine?

The next morning, Bonnie (Kat Graham) breaks the news to Caroline (Candice King). To help deal with the news, she hands her a bottle of champagne, but something tells me she is going to need more than one bottle once she hears who is back in town. Katherine is not the only old face who has decided to return. Matt (Zach Roerig) runs into his dad, Peter (Joel Gretsch), at the Grill while investigating the unidentified female killer. Peter is not alone either as he has brought along another familiar face, Matt’s mom, Kelly Donovan (Melinda Clarke.) Matt hasn’t seen or spoken to her in about four years, so to have her mysteriously show up along with his dad makes for an awkward family reunion. Thankfully, he gets a 911 text from Alaric that requires his attention.

At the Salvatore mansion, everyone is brought up to speed and so they begin to brainstorm how they can handle Katherine’s return. Dorian (Demetrius Bridges), who is still around, offers up the idea that perhaps another weapon made out of Katherine’s bones can kill her just like the dagger did to Cade. So the question is, where are her bones? Luckily Damon knows exactly where they are. Each of them takes on a task – Alaric (Matthew Davis) and Dorian will continue to research, Matt checks with Peter to see if he can create a dagger using what he knows as a metalsmith, and Damon and Stefan retrieve Katherine’s bones. That leaves Bonnie and Caroline to plan the one party that would drive Katherine crazy with jealousy – a wedding! Stefan and Caroline’s wedding!

As they start planning the wedding, Caroline is more than a little irked that she is being forced to plan an event she has waited her whole life for in a matter of days as if it’s a shot gun wedding thanks to Katherine. However, this does give her and Bonnie some alone time in which they are able to have a long overdue heart to heart. These ladies aren’t the only ones bonding; Damon and Stefan also share a tender moment in the cave. Damon asks about the vows, but Stefan doesn’t even think the wedding will get to that point because Katherine is sure to do something before then. Damon is more optimistic about it but he knows that Stefan is still too guilt ridden to let himself off that easy. He tries to reassure Stefan that what happened to Enzo (Michael Malarkey) is not his fault. As they finally reach Katherine’s bones, Damon takes it upon himself to have a little fun with her skull. He finds it funny how the one woman who started it all is back to end it. He then goes down memory lane as he recounts so many of the situations they faced thanks to her. Stefan doesn’t think it was all that bad though as he grabs a few bones. Damon decides this is a great time for a little impromptu bachelor party and pulls out the booze. Not the most ideal of locations, but no time like the present given their circumstances.

Back in town, Matt meets up with his mother at Mystic Grill. He’s still curious as to why she chose this time to return. She tells him that she has changed and missed her family. She then excuses herself and heads for the bathroom. Once inside, she begins to bleed from her nose and a second later she coughs up bloody sludge. That’s not very normal! Another patron walks in and wonders what is happening. Kelly’s responds with, “It’s what happens when you get older, and die, and come back from hell. It’s really rough on the body.” She then kills the girl. And there you have it. She was in hell and is definitely not back for Matt!

Back at the mansion, Caroline is busily planning her rushed wedding. She notices a gift on the table with a note. It’s her ‘something old’. She is assuming it’s from Stefan. Just then drunken Stefan and Damon stumble in. Evidently Stefan is no longer an ideal drinking buddy now that his human body has little tolerance for alcohol. Damon suggests that Caroline join him instead and she agrees.

Meanwhile Bonnie had told Caroline earlier that she couldn’t attend the ceremony since it hurt too much to see what she will never have with Enzo. As she drops off something for Caroline, Enzo pops up and encourages her to go to the wedding and support her friend. He reiterates that Stefan can’t be held solely responsible for what he did. He then describes their perfect wedding location. I have to say, each time Enzo appears and says all the right things to her, it breaks my heart a little more. His love for her is so pure and good.

In the greenhouse, Damon has gotten Caroline to partake in some late night drinking. He gives her one last practice toast and it’s such a heartfelt one! He even mentions her mom! Knowing how upset she is that Bonnie won’t be there and neither will Elena, he sweetly pulls out Elena’s necklace and wraps it around her wrist. Elena will be there in spirit, and of course he wants that back. Now she has her ‘something borrowed’. Damon has his wonderful moments!

The next morning Caroline finds Bonnie’s present, a tiara for a princess. She now has her ‘something new’. She then decides to open the gift box from earlier and it’s an antique necklace that has a blue pendant – her ‘something blue’. Just then, her girls run into the room with Alaric right behind. Stefan was able to get Valarie to put a protection spell on the girls so they could be there for the big day. However, Alaric will not be staying. You can see how much this pains him because he still loves her, but he knows that she loves Stefan. Naturally he’s not going to stick around to watch someone he loves marry another man. He would prefer to keep researching with Dorian.

The guests have started to arrive at the Lockwood mansion for the big day and Peter is among them. Before he can take his seat, he is stopped by Kelly and she eerily asks him about the dagger. Surprised that she knew anything about it, he tells her he already handed it over to Stefan. She then coughs up more of that disgusting bloody crud and then attacks him. Let’s hope she didn’t kill him!

As Stefan gets ready along with Damon, he tells his brother that he hopes to see Damon also get this special day someday with Elena. Damon responds with, “I want you to be there too, brother, cause I’m going to need a best man.” They then head out to the tent for the ceremony where their compelled guests await. Matt finds his mom seated among the guests and asks if she has seen his dad to which she responds, “I haven’t seen him all day.” LIE!

Bob Mahoney/The CW

So it’s just about time for Caroline to walk down the aisle and she starts to panic, but thankfully right then, Bonnie appears. Guess Enzo’s conversation worked! Relieved that she has her best friend by her side, Caroline is ready to take the plunge. Our unidentified lady, meanwhile, has been watching everything from afar. She texts Kelly to initiate whatever twisted plan they have cooked up. Can this be Katherine? Until we see a face, I’m holding out on making any assumptions!

Back at the Armory, Dorian and Alaric continue their research. Dorian is thinking that if they create another massive psychic blast that is bigger than what created hell, perhaps they can destroy it completely. As he talks, he can see that Alaric is clearly distracted. As those two sit there, Caroline is beginning her walk down the aisle. Alaric tells Dorian about why he came to Mystic Falls and how he overcame everything that has happened since he got there. He goes on to talk about how they have all done terrible things, made mistakes, and lost so many people. They keep trying to get past their histories and attempt to find happiness. It’s their loss, pain, and struggles that have brought them close, like family. I admit I actually started to get a little choked up as he talked about being like family and watching clips of Caroline walking towards Stefan. They HAVE grown to become a family, a slightly dysfunctional one, but family nonetheless!

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Caroline is practically glowing as she walks down the aisle, despite the fact that this wedding had to be rushed thanks to a psychotic killer. As Caroline stands before Stefan, he notices the necklaces and asks her where she got it, being that it once belonged to Katherine. Damon, who was just recently ordained, decides to go off script and keep going with the ceremony. Knowing that she is still around, he let’s the guests know that Caroline and Stefan have decided to write their own vows. Even though they were both caught off guard, since that wasn’t part of the plan, they both recite their spontaneous vows straight from the heart. Taking words from their past conversations, they deliver such deep declarations. Caroline tells Stefan that she will treasure this moment forever for both of them. His mortality really puts a damper on their immortal relationship! With the exchange of the rings and a kiss to seal the ceremony, ‘Steroline’ are officially husband and wife!

At the reception, everyone tries to forget about the dangers that surround them for just a bit as they enjoy this happy day. Everyone that is, except for Kelly, who throws a gas tank in the fireplace as she evades Matt, who has been trying to find her. He then decides to call his dad, who is also MIA, and discovers his phone nearby. He then sees his dad who is bleeding profusely. He is able to tell him that it wasn’t Katherine that attacked him.

Annette Brown/The CW

Inside the reception tent, just as Damon is about to give his best man speech, Kelly yanks the microphone right from him. She begins rambling about all the things they have done and how the town never cared for her. She then reveals that she died two years ago and the only person who gave a damn about her was Katherine. Could she possibly hurt Matt anymore? As Damon grabs her, she divulges that she has no clue where Katherine is since she was tied up causing a gas leak in the house. Caroline rushes to the house because she knows that Bonnie and the twins are in there. But just as she gets near the door, the house explodes.

Fearing the worst, everyone helplessly watches the house go up in flames. Thankfully, the twins are protecting Bonnie and themselves by siphoning Bonnie’s magic. Enzo appears and encourages Bonnie to keep going. She doesn’t understand how they are doing it because she doesn’t have magic. Or does she? How else has she been able to keep her link to Enzo. Worried that she will lose him forever if they keep going, she hesitates. He, the ultimate optimist, reassures her that they will meet again. He tells her, “Live your life Bonnie Bennett, all of it”, and with one final “I love you” he vanishes. I really hope they do find each other again; because watching him be there for her in these past few episodes is just heartbreaking! Bonnie then teaches the girls the spell to rid the flames and with a whoosh the fire is out.

The CW

Meanwhile, Damon interrogates Kelly. She discloses that Katherine is going to burn down Mystic Falls tonight. Smugly, Matt attempts to call her on a bluff, since Katherine would need a willing Maxwell participant. Matt and Peter are certainly not going to help! Kelly fires back that luckily Matt wasn’t the only child. Our mystery woman is finally revealed and it’s Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell). She is a Maxwell and she does have reason to hate the town just as much as Kelly did. As Damon and Matt learn about the other Maxwell in town, the camera pans to Vicki heading up the tower to the bell. As Vicki completes her first strike, Bonnie faints and Kelly dies. She still has eleven more strikes to make.

Will Vicki complete all twelve strikes of the bell and release hellfire upon the town? Will Katherine ever show her face? Can Bonnie and Enzo find their way back to each other? So many questions and only one final night left!

Next episode “I Was Feeling Epic” Preview:

Next week is the series finale! How will things end for the town of Mystic Falls and our beloved vampires, witches, and humans? Tune in Friday, March 10 starting at 8 p.m. on The CW.



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