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Vampire Diaries Recap: “The Lies Will Catch Up To You”

Published on February 20th, 2017 | Updated on February 20th, 2017 | By FanFest

Last week the episode ended with Kai Parker (Chris Wood) appearing out of the blue with a plan to help Damon (Ian Somherhalder) and Alaric (Matthew Davis) kill Cade (Wolé Parks). We also watched Stefan (Paul Wesley) get kidnapped before he could apologize to Bonnie (Kat Graham).

Bob Mahoney/The CW

We start this episode with a flashback of Matt (Zach Roerig) ringing the bell. It seems that the eleventh strike not only released Cade, but is also the reason Kai is back! He appears at the Mystic Falls Grill where he proceeds to go on an eating binge, as he is ecstatic to be ‘alive’. However the excitement quickly fizzles when he realizes that he doesn’t seem to be able to taste any of the food nor is he able to feel anything. That last bit he confirms by stabbing his hand. He then kills the server, which seems to be the only thing he is able to slightly feel.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Back in the cave, where we left off last week, Alaric and Damon are both stunned by Kai’s arrival. Alaric is overwhelmed with rage as he lunges at Kai. He has plenty of reasons to be pissed at him after all it was Kai who killed Jo, his fiancé, and tried to kill his children. Damon convinces him to hold out and since he has some questions for him. It turns out he’s stuck between dimensions. As suspected, Kai was in hell thanks to Damon beheading him, and when the bell rung for the eleventh time, he saw Mystic Falls and went towards it. He naturally does not want to go back and offers his help, if they can keep him out of hell. Alaric doesn’t want anything to do with Kai after everything he has done, so he and Damon have a bit of an argument over whether or not to work with someone they both know is not the most trustworthy of people.

Meanwhile Caroline (Candice King) has still been attempting to contact Bonnie. The calls continue to go straight to voicemail so she leaves another message and let’s her know that she is there for her whenever she is ready. Matt drives up next to her since he needs her help. She is still a bit upset with him over the fight they had when he basically lumped her in with all the evil that has befallen Mystic Falls. He quickly apologizes for the remark and tells her they have bigger problems. It seems that people have been reporting cases from the past that all involve Stefan. Caroline figures out that when Stefan became human, everyone that he had compelled in the past is starting to remember what really happened.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

This brings us to Stefan, who still has no idea who has taken him. He ends up in the woods and as the mask is removed, he is face-to-face with Dorian (Demetrius Bridges)! Uh oh, remember that Dorian had wanted to talk to Alaric, but didn’t have the chance since Damon interrupted them? Dorian gives Stefan his full name, Dorian Williams. As he aims a gun at him and forces him to walk, he discloses that what he remembered about his father and sister’s death is not really what happened. He used to think that they had died in a house fire, however since a few days ago, he remembers that he saw Stefan at his house after coming home from a pep rally. He was covered in their blood. Stefan had compelled him to forget and think that they died in the house fire, but now that he is human, the effects have worn off just like all the other individuals that Matt informed Caroline about. Dorian doesn’t expect Stefan to remember the deaths of his family, but of course he does. He remembers the names of all his victims. Talk about your past coming back to haunt you! Dorian is out for revenge and this could end very badly for Stefan now that he is human.

Bonnie meanwhile is still trying to reach Enzo (Michael Malarkey) since she believes he is trapped someplace. With no luck, she decides to answer Damon’s call since he’s been calling all morning. He is curious if she has found a way to bring Enzo back from hell. Cryptically he speaks of a hypothetical situation and Bonnie knows there is more to it than he is saying. She figures out that Kai Parker has gotten out and is of course furious with learning that Damon has ulterior motives. She can somehow feel Kai with her psychic abilities. Despite Damon’s objection, she decides she is going to ask Cade how to save Enzo!

At the police station, Caroline is cleaning up Stefan’s mess. She and Matt begin meeting with the individuals whose memories have come back and are reporting past crimes. She then compels them to forget what they are remembering and provides them with alternate explanations to cover up the real story.

Back in the woods, Stefan is being forced to dig a hole. He tells Dorian not go through with this because hell is real. Dorian obviously doesn’t want to hear it because he is so consumed with anger and hate for everything he lost because of him. As Stefan tells him he is trying to atone as much as he can before he goes to hell, Dorian shoots him. In a flash, Stefan goes down in the hole he was digging.

Since seeing Kai, Alaric is understandably concerned for his daughters’ safety and so he takes them to the Armory for their protection. He has a quick chat with Damon. I have to say the comical part was that he noticed Kai is tweeting for the first time in four years. Even more hilarious is Damon’s response, “Why are you still following him?” While they wait to hear from Bonnie, and for him to get a few likes on his social media posts, Kai starts to bleed. He realizes that he doesn’t have much time and will soon be pulled back into hell if he doesn’t figure out something soon. Leave it to him to keep threatening Damon’s happiness with Elena! Kai convinces Damon that he needs to take evil souls in order to keep from being pulled back down to hell. Damon reluctantly agrees to help him with this since he is hoping Kai can bring Elena back.

In the coffee shop where Bonnie first ran into Cade, she finds him again. He has apparently been waiting for her. He tells her that they are connected because they share the similar psychic abilities. In order to contact Enzo, she must open her mind to him. Somehow I don’t think this is a good idea! Remembering the moment of Enzo’s death, he encourages her to embrace the rage and anger, which is the source of her power. When she opens her eyes, she is in their burnt cabin and Enzo is there. He warns her to get away from Cade since he is search for him – turns out he is not in hell! He cautions her to not trust him. Aren’t we all thinking that exact same thing! When she comes out of the trance, she claims she saw nothing but he knows that’s a lie. He follows her to her car and knows that she is keeping something from him. He knows that she has created another world, something that no one (other than him) has ever done. He enters her thoughts and not only does he learn that she is hiding Enzo, but he learns that Kai has returned as well!

Meanwhile, Dorian finally snaps out of revenge mode and races to try and save the man he just shot since he can’t bring himself to actually kill Stefan. Dorian has managed to carry him out of the wooded area where is finally able to get cell service and calls Matt and tells him what he did to Stefan. Caroline over hears and rushes to be at their side while they wait for the ambulance. Caroline reaches them just as Stefan passes out. While Stefan is unconscious, he enters the space between the real world and death. There, Cade greets him. He tries to convince Stefan to let go, and to make Stefan feel worse; he tells him that his quest for redemption will only hurt Caroline. Stefan still has some fight in him and he wakes up.

At the hospital, Matt checks in with Dorian. He feels terrible for the fact that he tried killing someone, and of all people, Matt knows how this feels. He hands Dorian a pile of case files. Stefan wants Dorian to have all the crime cases from his past. Matt gives Dorian the choice to turn him in or move on and try to build a better future. Will Dorian be able to forgive Stefan for the death of his father and sister knowing everything that he knows? Caroline, meanwhile, visits Stefan in his hospital room. He is painfully lost. Becoming human has changed so much for him and he no longer knows who is. He concludes that in order to understand who he is now it means leaving Mystic Falls – alone. This infuriates Caroline, especially after all she has done for him and the fact that she has been cleaning up his mess the entire day! Stefan is having a difficult time figuring out what kind of future they can have with him being human and her being immortal. Cade definitely did not help their relationship with all his talk of how Stefan would be hurting her in his pursuit for redemption!

After the ordeal with Cade, Bonnie has a renewed hope for reaching Enzo and so she attempts to contact him again, and this time he appears. Will these two eventually find their way back to each other?

Back in Mystic Falls, Alaric had called Caroline earlier to see if he can bring the girls for a visit. The reason for the visit isn’t just so the girls can see her, but recently their psychic abilities seem to have gotten out of control. Flying color pencils, siphoning of powers, and constant bickering with them almost casting dangerous spells has them using their powers with no control. Caroline and Alaric both realize this is not a good sign since it seems to have started right around the time Cade showed up.

The episode ends with Damon taking Kai to Elena. Earlier he told Kai that the only way to save himself from going back to hell was atonement, and in order to gain Damon’s forgiveness, he needs to bring Elena back now. I still don’t trust Kai, and Damon shouldn’t either! However, he is so desperate to get Elena back that he decides to risk it. Unfortunately for him, Kai turns on him. He siphons Damon’s powers and just like that, Kai and Elena vanish! Damon is surely going to make Kai pay for this!

Only three episodes remain before the series finale! How do you think things will end for our favorite vampires, witches, and humans?

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