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Vampire Diaries Recap: “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride”

Published on February 27th, 2017 | Updated on February 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

In the last episode, Kai (Chris Wood) took Elena and Stefan (Paul Wesley) decided to leave town in order to find redemption and rediscover who he is as a mortal. Damon (Ian Somherhalder) was siphoned and as his weakened body lay in the Salvatore crypt, he entered into an in-between plane where he was confronted by Cade (Wolé Parks). Cade knows that Damon has the dagger that he took from the siren’s treasure room and he wants it. The dagger for Elena – that’s a pretty fair trade, isn’t it? And again, we have another deal!

Before Stefan leaves town, he knows that he still has unfinished business with Bonnie (Kat Graham). He apologizes and naturally, she is still too angry with him to forgive him. Understanding that this was not going to be easy, he still tries. He proceeds to tell her that he is leaving town and will do everything he can to atone.

At the mansion, Stefan is packing when Damon shows up. He doesn’t want Damon to try and talk him out of leaving since his mind is made up. However, little does he realize that Damon has some news since talking to Cade. Damon notices he is headed out of town, but now that Kai has turned Elena over to Cade, he needs his brother’s help before he leaves. He updates Stefan on all that has happened with Kai and how he got his hands on Elena.

Meanwhile Caroline (Candice King) is attempting to discipline the twins. Their powers are still out of control and any fluctuation in emotions seems to trigger their powers. This time one of them lights a box on fire. The little girls let it slip that this isn’t the first time one of them has lit something on fire. Apparently it has happened in school as well!

Somewhere in a bar, Kai is belting out his best rendition of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. Ouch my ears! Thanks to his social media posts, Stefan was able to track him down. He asks for the dagger so he can kill Cade, but Kai being Kai, plays hard to get. He’s keeping the dagger as an insurance policy against Cade. He reaches to siphon Stefan and realizes that he is human. He then changes his mind and decides to hand the dagger over by piercing it right onto Stefan’s hand. Poor Stefan sure has gotten pretty beat up ever since he became human again! Damon swoops in and snaps Kai’s neck.

Back in the Armory, Caroline is upset that Alaric (Matthew Davis) didn’t tell her that the girls were kicked out of school. He knows that this isn’t the only thing that she is upset with and gets her to divulge that Stefan and her are having issues. She thinks that perhaps all the instability in their lives is what is causing the twins to project those feelings through their powers since they are so sensitive. Speaking of instability, in walk Stefan and Damon dragging a passed out Kai. Damon and Caroline place Kai in the cell and Caroline discloses why Stefan is planning on leaving Mystic Falls. Unfortunately Kai wakes up and zeros in on Caroline. He knows the twins need help and so he offers himself. Hopefully Caroline is not going to easily fall for that trick since he’s not the most trustworthy person! Upstairs, Stefan promises that Alaric can do what he wants with Kai as soon as they get what they need from him.

Enzo (Michael Malarkey) watched the earlier interaction between Bonnie and Stefan and takes a moment to tell Bonnie that she should forgive him so that the hate doesn’t eat away at her. Stefan wasn’t in control of his actions, just like he wasn’t when he worked for Cade. Although, she tells him that she needs some time, there is a glimmer of hope that she will eventually forgive him.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

In the woods by the falls, Stefan and Damon arrive to make the exchange with Cade. Damon tries to convince Stefan that he should stay in town for Caroline, but it doesn’t seem to work. As they prep to meet Cade, Damon wants Stefan to stay behind. However, he wants to be the one to kill Cade since it was his fault that he was set free. Damon fears for his safety though, since he is now human and as he goes to grab him, Stefan injects him with vervain and knocks him out.

At the Armory, Caroline visits Kai in the cell since she thinks that he might be able to give more insight into what’s happening with her daughters. He describes how he experienced similar issues when he was young. Since no one understood what he was going through, they isolated him. He then reveals that the twins’ powers are going haywire because they brought them to the one place that is filled with so much magical energy. With all it’s artifacts, spells, and magic within the walls, the place is feeding into their siphoning abilities. He then breaks the glass and knocks Caroline unconscious. This is certainly not good for the girls!

Meanwhile at the falls, Stefan enters a cave and finds Elena’s coffin. Cade is waiting and his psychic powers allow him to see that Stefan has plans to kill him, but he laughs it off. There is no way Stefan could hurt him now that he is human! Or so he thinks! Stefan knew that he needed help defeating Cade, so he did not go into this without a plan. At eight o’clock, Alaric strikes the magical bell that weakens Cade. Stefan takes this opportunity to attack him with the dagger. Stefan is no fool! While they fight it out, Alaric is interrupted with a call from his daughters. Kai breaking out of his cell, along with the alarm going off, has them scared and their mom, Caroline, is no where to be found. Alaric tells them to hide in the special place he showed them and rushes to save them. This can’t be good for Stefan, since his plan needed Alaric’s help!

Bob Mahoney/The CW

As suspected, once Alaric stopped ringing the bell, Cade regained his strength and overpowered Stefan. Damon walks in just in time to get Cade to stop beating his brother. He tells him that he has the dagger so he should honor the agreement and hand over Elena. However, Cade instead forces Damon to choose – he can save Elena or Stefan, but not both. At that moment, Elena’s coffin is engulfed in flames. Remember how Bonnie is linked to Elena? When her coffin goes up in flames, it hits Bonnie with a vision. She knows something is wrong and rushes out. Cade really likes his deals!

As Alaric rushes through the tunnels, which will get him back to the Armory faster than driving, he attempts to call Caroline. Kai unfortunately answers and in his own psychotic, creepy way tells him that he is going to go after his daughters. In his pursuit, Kai ends up in the caves. He thinks he hears the girls playing and before he can strike with the axe he has been wielding around like an insane madman, Alaric attacks him. Nice trick! Unfortunately as they struggle, he gets the best of Alaric, but thankfully Caroline gets there just in time to snap his neck! YES!

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Back in the cave, Stefan sees the impossible choice that Damon is faced with. He desperately tries to tell him to pick Elena, but there is no way Damon can let his brother suffer an eternity of pain. He finally tells Cade to take him. And there is the Damon we love! He chooses to sacrifice himself for the two people he loves the most. He then takes the piece of wood Cade hands him and drives it into his heart. Did anyone else flinch as he dropped!

Outside of the cave, Cade searches for Damon to collect his soul. He uses his abilities to yank Damon towards him, but is stopped by Bonnie. Since she shares the same psychic abilities, she is able to see Damon. She is not going to let Cade take him without a fight, even though Damon sweetly tells her that she needs to let him go. Once more we get to witness how much their friendship has evolved! While they play a bit of tug-of-war with Damon, Stefan sneaks up and with one swift movement plunges the dagger into Cade. The devil has finally been destroyed! His death causes a blast that knocks both Stefan and Bonnie off their feet. Stefan helps Bonnie up and even though she doesn’t fully forgive him, yet, he will continue to keep trying. Thankfully Damon is also alive since the blast pushed his soul back into his body. Yes, I think these guys finally have a win!

To end the crazy roller coaster that was the devil, Damon and Stefan share a drink. Damon tells Stefan that leaving Mystic Falls is not going to solve his problems. He believes Stefan should stay and be with the people who mean most to him because it is deserving of love and happiness. On the other side of town, Alaric comes to a realization, since the girls will never quite fit into any school because of their abilities, he wants to start a ‘special’ school for the them and other children who are similar to them, and he thinks Caroline would be great in this endeavor. A school for the gifted run by these two would be amazing! They are distracted by a knock at the door. Perhaps Damon did break through to Stefan because when Caroline opens the door, he gets down on one knee! He realizes that he can’t go through his life without her. And of course she says YES! June wedding, here we come!

Let’s not forget about our psycho witch, Kai, who wakes up chained in a chair while the Spin Doctors play on the jukebox. Bonnie appears and we know exactly where he is, another prison world created with the help of the little Gemini twins. Right when we think that our friends have won, a smile creeps over his face. It turns out that while the devil may be dead, hell has not been destroyed. Cade’s destruction has paved the way for someone else to rule and that person is more of a threat than Cade ever was. Of ALL the enemies that he could possibly be alluding to, I was not prepared for the name that was uttered!

The myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of all.


Looks like we have come full circle now that Katherine is back. What kind of havoc do you think she will bring back to Mystic Falls?

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