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Vampire Diaries Recap: “Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell”

Published on December 7th, 2016 | Updated on January 31st, 2017 | By FanFest

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Last episode we left off with Seline’s (Kristen Gutoskie) secret finally out. She and Sybil are the siren sisters and she has run off with Caroline (Candice King) and Alaric’s (Matthew Davis) twin girls! Caroline and Alaric have called the police to report the kidnapping. Worried and frustrated, they both try and provide information and a description of Seline. Alaric walks away to call Seline. When the call goes through, she is at a diner with the girls. As she looks at the phone she hesitates before answering. Alaric lays into her and is beyond upset that she has taken his daughters. She tries to convince him that they are safe and what she is doing is best for them. He threatens to kill her once he finds her and he will stop at nothing to get his girls back. The call leaves her a bit anxious, when unexpectedly; Sybil (Nathalie Kelley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) walk into the diner.

Meanwhile, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) are enjoying the fact that they have found their way back to each other after releasing Enzo from Sybil’s control. All of a sudden Bonnie gets a call from Caroline and Enzo receives a call from Damon. When he answers the call, he begins to hear the siren’s song and collapses from pain.

As Caroline begins packing, Stefan (Paul Wesley) tries to go with her to help with the search, but she doesn’t want him to join. Caroline asks him to stay and help Matt (Zach Roerig) instead. Stefan is naturally confused and hurt since he was trying to be the dutiful fiancé. Caroline’s reasons are valid in that she may have to go after Damon in order to save her girls, and his love for him would get in the way. She needs to separate their relationship from her and the girls in order to save them.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

At the diner, the two estranged sisters get reacquainted. Sybil is a bit obnoxious and Damon is fixated on Seline. Sybil doesn’t understand what Seline had been doing all those years after she had escaped while she was still imprisoned. Seline defends herself by explaining that she had been looking for a way to free Sybil from not only the vault but from everything. Unfortunately, Sybil’s escape has now ruined her plans to save them both. Damon still doesn’t quite get it and so Sybil clarifies – Seline wants to offer the twins to Cade (Wolé Parks).

As Matt and Stefan are in the Armory trying to get more information by listening to the police chatter, Bonnie rushes in with Enzo. He explains that Sybil is going to try and get him back using his subconscious. Bonnie asks Stefan if he could get into Enzo’s head. He agrees, and when he does, he sees Enzo strapped to a table and Sybil torturing him. She is upset that he is trying to get away from her and claims that no one leaves her ever so this is his punishment. As she continues to torture him, Stefan leaves Enzo’s subconscious. He picked up a lead from Sybil when she told Enzo, “I can bend you to my will with one hand, while I eat greasy diner food with the other.” He figured out she is in a nearby diner and they need to move quickly.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

In the diner, Seline explains her plan to Damon and Sybil. She is looking to exchange the twin girls for their freedom as penance for what she did to Sybil all those years ago on the island. In the midst of their conversation, everyone’s phones begin to sound. An Amber alert has been sent to all individuals in the area. Seline’s plan may not be so great! As Sybil watches in amusement, Seline has to figure out a way to get out of this mess before someone in the diner recognizes her and the twins. She uses her siren abilities to enchant everyone in the diner.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Thanks to the information Stefan discovered while in Enzo’s head, Caroline and Alaric rush to the diner. They engage in a bit of a spat about about Stefan on their way. Unfortunately, when they finally get there, they find the place empty. The sirens and Damon are still one step ahead!

Even though Sybil is on the run, she continues to torture Enzo using her psychic abilities. Alaric tells Stefan that whatever he is doing to get information out of his head is working and to keep at it, but Stefan is hesitant since it is causing him  tremendous pain. Alaric’s only concern is his kids, so he doesn’t really care what Stefan has to do or how much it is hurting Enzo. His only focus is finding his girls. Stefan asks him to tell Caroline that he is doing everything he can for them.

As they drive, Damon continues to dig into why Cade would want the twins compared to Seline and Sybil. They are so young and innocent, implying that they aren’t evil enough for Cade’s purpose. However, Seline ensures they are the perfect offerings. Sybil doesn’t seem to have any interest in the conversation and chimes in from the back seat of the car asking them to turn on the radio. Ignoring her request, Seline goes on to explain that the requirements to serve Cade are that his missionaries have to be supernatural and they have to serve him of their own free will. She believes she can persuade the girls to offer themselves up to Cade because they trust her. Remember that Amber alert? Well, the car comes across a roadblock and Seline is forced to enchant the cop into not see the girls sleeping in the car. Before they can get away, one of the young girls wakes up and Seline tells her to go back to sleep, but she’s tired of sleeping and grabs hold of Sybil’s arm, siphoning her powers. When the cop opens the back door again, Sybil attacks him.

After the close encounter at the roadblock, Damon is now in the driver’s seat. He sees a motel and pulls in. Seline questions why they have stopped, and Damon replies that he is tired of almost getting caught more than once in the last 24 hours. He has renewed hope that there is a way to get out of the hell that awaits him and is ready to summon Cade now. Seline argues that there is no way that the girls are ready to serve him for at least another decade. However, Damon could care less and asks for the instructions on summoning him. When Seline refuses to tell him, Sybil helpfully pipes in – “body of water and a couple of human bodies.” He has a plan and is ready to get started.

At the Armory, Enzo continues to suffer. Stefan offers to go inside his mind again but is not sure it will help. Bonnie gives him the green light since there is no other choice.

Alaric and Caroline have followed a lead to the roadblock where the cop’s dead body was found. He discovers from Matt that there still is no further information from Enzo. In anger he punches the car. How could he have not sensed something was wrong? He completely blames himself for not protecting his daughters. Caroline stays strong and declares that they will find them. Poor Alaric!

Bob Mahoney/The CW

At the motel, Sybil warns Damon that they have to be careful so Cade doesn’t feel like he is being used or disrespected. Damon tries to get clarification on how Sybil consented because from what she told him, things don’t quite add up. She tells how Cade reached her soul even in death, and because she didn’t want to die, she agreed to be his missionary. Damon divulges that he has a plan of his own which Sybil is eager to hear.

As she listens to Damon’s plan, she multitasks and keeps punishing Enzo. Finally, Stefan can’t take watching her hurt him anymore and he steps in. Sybil knew he had been lurking in there and she acknowledges him. She proposes a truce, only if Stefan comes alone, saying that Damon and her have an offer that he won’t be able to refuse. Enzo warns Stefan not to make the deal because she can’t be trusted. What are the chances he will listen to Enzo?

The latest struggle in Enzo’s subconscious with both Sybil and Stefan in his mind left him exhausted. As he rests, Matt gives Alaric and Caroline the address to the motel that Stefan gave him and is concerned that Bonnie is not taking care of herself. As Bonnie watches over Enzo, she tells Matt she is terrified of losing him. Matt reassures her that he was strong enough to fight Sybil unlike Damon, and they will get through this. As Enzo comes to, he jokingly states, “I’m not sure which one of you to kiss first.” Let’s hope he is finally free for good!

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Alaric and Caroline reach the motel address they were given, but no one is there. Stefan definitely gave them the slip! Meanwhile, Stefan reaches the actual motel where the twins are being held. When Caroline calls him, she is upset that he has deceived them. Stefan justifies what he did by telling her there is a chance for him to fix things and that’s what he is going to do. Unable to handle the stress of not knowing where the kids are, Alaric has a bit of a breakdown, and declares that once he gets them back, he is taking them far away from everyone, including Caroline. His anger causes him to state that they are his kids and not Caroline’s. At bit harsh after all  Caroline has done for him and the kids! Back at the pool, Seline has the girls hold her hands and concentrate, and just like before, they start a fire in the pool.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Sybil and Damon are also there waiting for Stefan. Sybil tells Damon that Stefan has already arrived and she has set up a welcoming committee for him so he understands how serious this is. Damon is annoyed with her since his plan requires him to be alive. She doesn’t want to kill him; she just wants him “dark, vulnerable, and bloody” since that’s how Cade likes them. Stefan fights off all the people Sybil has compelled to kill him, but he is careful to not kill them. Damon appears and urges him to kill them. Before Stefan knows what hit him, he is knocked out by one of the men.

While Stefan and Damon are off in another part of the motel, Seline is still attempting to summon Cade. Sybil teases her saying she is off key or perhaps Cade doesn’t care what she has to say. With that last comment, the fire goes out and Cade appears. He is curious as to what has brought him there. Seline still seems a bit afraid of him even after all these years.

After being knocked out, Stefan wakes up to the same attacker coming at him with a broken wooden object. He stabs him. As Stefan tries to defend himself, Damon taunts him to just kill the guy. At first Stefan refuses, but in the end he finally kills him. And right there, he is just how Sybil wanted him – dark, vulnerable, and bloody. Stefan doesn’t understand what Damon wants. He tells his dear brother not to worry because he has a ‘get out of hell card’ in his pocket. Stefan presses for information on the girls and Damon agrees to take him to them if only he agrees to certain terms.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

When we return to the sirens and Cade, he is contemplating the proposal of trading the twin girls for their freedom. He is intrigued about trade. Suddenly Sybil steps in and asks what would happen if she can offer him another deal – two brothers with deadly skills that are way more valuable then the little girls. Seline is caught off guard and doesn’t think there is any way that they will agree to that deal. At that moment, Stefan burst through the doors, “I’ll do it, just let the girls go.” Poor Stefan is going to give up his freedom for Caroline, Alaric, and their girls!

By the time Caroline and Alaric finally reach the actual location of the correct motel the deal has been made. As they run into the building, Stefan comes through the hallway with the girls. Both Caroline and Alaric acknowledge what he has done for them.

In the midst of all the chaos with the twins, let’s not forget about Bonnie and Enzo. She still worries for him and wants him to know she appreciates how hard he fought to come back to her. She asks him how he managed to fight Sybil long after Damon had given up. He explains that as an orphan, he was used to being abused and abandoned which taught him to harden his heart and mind. However, their love saved him!

Instead of taking their daughters home, Alaric has them stay in the Armory overnight since he wants the doctors to evaluate them just to be cautious. He apologizes to Caroline for all the horrible things he said to her earlier. She admits that genetically the girls might not be hers, but she did give birth to them, she also  raised and loved them, so when they went missing she felt like dying. The remarks he made were out of line and she warns him to never throw the fact that they are not biologically related in her face again. Good for Caroline! Alaric worries that he can’t protect them, and as much as it pains her, she admits that he is right about the fact that darkness does follow her. She agrees that he needs to take the girls to safety until everything is over, and through tears she gives him permission to, “take them away from me.”

Once the children are safely asleep, Caroline finds Stefan sitting alone staring at her engagement ring. She apologizes for cutting him off – they are partners and should be making decisions together. She declares her love for him, but knows that he had to do something drastic to get the girls back. When she asks what he did, he simply replies that he gave what Damon promised him – an eternity of misery. He has to serve Cade like the sirens did so he doesn’t end up in hell like them. Caroline is devastated, what about their June wedding! Unfortunately, with the deal he made, he only has one day and he wants to spend it with her. They better find a way to get out of this because we need that June wedding!

Bob Mahoney/The CW

At a restaurant, Seline and Sybil discuss why Sybil kept her plan a secret. Seline is under the impression that they have escaped Cade’s hold, but the relief quickly disappears once Sybil reveals that her offer did not include her sister. Seline will pay for leaving her in the vault for all those year, while she will remain immortal and retain her powers. What game is Sybil still playing?

At the Armory, Matt and Alaric box up all the equipment they were using to find the twins. They talk about protecting their loved ones, and their threshold of patience. This conversation doesn’t sound good! Damon, meanwhile, is drinking by himself at the Mystic Falls bar when all of a sudden he is shot. Matt and Alaric have finally had enough and let their frustrations out on him through a barrel of a gun. Alaric claims his kids will always be in danger as long as Damon is alive so for their safety, he stabs him straight in the heart. We all know he won’t be staying dead!

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