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Vampire Diaries Recap: “An Eternity of Misery”

Published on November 13th, 2016 | Updated on January 31st, 2017 | By FanFest

In this week’s episode, we start with a glimpse from the past, two young girls in 750 B.C. lying alone in the forest in front of a fire. One of them asks for a story, so the other begins with the tale of Arcadius, who began as a good man with psychic abilities that let him see into the minds of others. His power gave him empathy but also ended up costing him his life. The town’s people turned against him and brutally burned him alive. However, in the end it was Arcadius who won, and all evil people would pay for their sinful acts.

Back in the present, Stefan is woken up by a call from Caroline (Candice King) who spent the evening comforting Bonnie (Kat Graham). As it turns out, Stefan spent the night on the Armory couch. He and Alaric have been attempting to get answers from their siren prisoner, Sybil (Nathalie Kelley). Alaric (Matthew Davis) shows up with coffee, and just as he and Stefan head down to the prison, Georgie (Allison Scagliotti) shows up with coffee of her own and offers to help, but Alaric quickly gets her to leave. She clearly knows something is amiss from what she recently witnessed in the last episode.

The CW
The CW

Meanwhile Damon is looking for Peter Maxwell (Joel Gretsch). It is obvious that Sybil is still pulling Damon’s strings and he is searching for this man on her behalf. Unfortunately for a not so innocent bystander, Lou, he continues to kill people with evil pasts as he dutifully carries out her commands.

In the cell, Sybil continues to keep her hold on Damon, but is disrupted by the tuning fork as Alaric and Stefan enter the room. They have been using the tuning fork to keep her under control, so they can figure out how to save Damon. Stefan’s only focus is Damon, but Sybil has other plans. Instead of answering their questions, she begins a tale of a little girl in a Mediterranean village. The little girl’s psychic abilities frightened the town and they forced her into exile. She sailed to an island where she discovered another girl, an island girl. It turns out the other girl was also exiled and together they became the sirens. Um, that’s ‘sirens’ with a ‘s’, two sisters – one in the cell and one free. Using the tuning fork they keep trying to get answers from Sybil. Who and where is her sister?

Meanwhile, Georgie goes snooping into Alarics house. She searches for a book but gets caught by Seline (Kristen Gutoskie), the nanny. Seline is about to call Alaric when Georgie grabs her arm. What is up with Georgie? She doesn’t seem so sweet and innocent now.

As we return to Damon, he has finally found Peter. He attempts to compel Peter to tell him what he knows about Sybil, however, Peter claims he doesn’t know anything. Damon is unsure what is looking for but knows that Peter must have some information, and sadly for Peter, he is going to be forced to help. He tells Damon about a box of heirlooms and perhaps that has some answers.

The CW
The CW

In the Armory cell, rather than give Stefan information about who her sister is, Sybil continues her story of the two little girls and how they grew closer. The girls attempted to get help from a ship not too far off the shore. Using their psychic gifts, they called to the ship. To their disappointment, the ship never make it as it crashed before making it to shore. The girl from the island discovered the provisions that washed up on shore, and it becomes apparent to the village girl that the girl from the island had done this before. She felt no remorse for sending those sailors to their deaths, while the young girl from the village vowed to never attempt calling another ship for rescue again. Sybil points to how the the story of the sisters and the Salvatore brothers are parallel, so her question to Stefan is, which ‘sister’ is Stefan?

When we return to Damon, he is still has Peter. As he talks to him he notices a watch Peter is wearing and asks to see it. The watch was a gift from his son. Peter tosses it to Damon, and it sears Damon. Vervain! Damon angrily stabs Pete and right before he is able to finish the job, Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) appears and shoots him from behind! Matt is back and he’s there to rescue his DAD! To save his father from the fatal stab wound, he cuts Damon’s wrist and has him drink his blood. Peter is naturally confused – how was he healed and how does his son, Matt, know this killer? At least we now have a little information as to what Matt has been up to – he’s been tracking is his dad.

So let’s get back to Georgie and Seline’s interesting encounter. Seline calls Alaric to tell him that Georgie broke in and stole a book. During the call, Alaric senses someone else is in the Amory and he goes to investigate. He enters the cave and before he knows it, Georgie locks him in the cave. Oh no, we knew something was up with her, but is she evil? Could she be the sister?

While Alaric is trapped, Sybil continues with her account of the sisters for Stefan. The girl from the island went to the other side of the island, where she claimed there were wild boars for hunting. She would bring back the ‘meat’ to feed herself and the village girl. The ‘meat’ turned out to be the flesh of the dead sailors. Can we all just collectively let out an ‘Ewww’! Sybil states that one sister forced the other to live her way of life in order to survive. Stefan begins losing patience with Sybil and declares that both his and Damon past have been forgiven, and nothing she does will change the fact that they are brothers. Sybil claims he has overestimated Damon, while she has underestimated her sister. Right at that moment, someone stabs Stefan with a needle and knocks him out. It’s GEORGIE!!!! Is she Sybil’s sister? And will she successfully break her out of the prison?

When Stefan wakes up, he is on an island with Sybil. It seems the ‘boss’ thinks Stefan is worthy of hearing the whole story. Sybil takes him to the cave, where her and her sister lived as cannibals. She tells him how she didn’t know that what they had been eating was human flesh until she discovered the bones during low tide. Obviously Sybil was the girl from the village and her mysterious sister is the girl from the island.

After Matt saves his father, he ties Damon to a chair and attempts to figure out what’s going on. Why is he trying to kill his father? As he tortures him, Damon reveals that he has attacked Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) and stuffed him in a car trunk to bleed to death. Oh no, we just got Tyler back!

As everyone is preoccupied, poor Alaric is stuck in the cave. He has concluded that Georgie is Sybil’s sister. As he tries to find his way out of the cave, he is forced to damage his hearing with a knife. OUCH!

Down in the prison, Sybil is still in Stefan’s mind, melding her memories with his. She shows him her sister arriving in the cave, and wait just one minute – she doesn’t look anything like Georgie! She looks a lot like a nanny we all know, Seline! If SELINE, is the sister, then why did Georgie help Sybil? As Georgie high tails it out of the Armory, she calls Seline and lets her know that Alaric was successfully trapped in the cave, as commanded. Well folks, Seline is certainly the sister, and this is most definitely not good since she is the one person Alaric and Caroline have entrusted with their two powerful little psychic twins! Oh and remember when Caroline saved her from Virginia St. John? She’s going to truly regret doing that once she finds out!

Meanwhile, Damon is still tied up and has been left alone. To get himself free, he crashes a shelf on himself so he can wiggle out of the restraints. In the process, he finds a ball with a strange symbol. He realizes he has located the one thing he was sent to find. Not sure where this is going, but I for one can’t wait for him to start fighting back!

The CW
The CW

Before Sybil gets out of Stefan’s head, she makes sure he will not remember anything that was shared. After all, she can’t have him knowing everything, yet. When he awakes, he only remembers the core piece of the story, not the most important part – Seline is Sybil’s sister! He questions why Sybil didn’t escape when Stefan was passed out. Instead of an answer, Sybil grills him on the same question – which girl is Stefan, the island girl or the village girl? Only then will she tell him how to save his brother. Is he “the victim who tried for years not to feed on human blood only for his selfish brother to blow into town and ruin it all,” or is he “the monster who sealed his brother’s fate the day he forced him to turn into a vampire, who doomed his brother to an eternity of misery because you were afraid of being alone”? He answers by stating he’s both. With that reply, she feels he is ready for the truth.

She finishes her story by telling him that once she learned what her sister had made her do, she threw herself off the cliff. Instead of God answering her dying prayers, Arcadius (Cade) responded. He offered to save them for a price. To save Sybil, her sister made the deal. They would have immortality, beauty, and youth as long as they served him, the master. They stay young by eating the flesh of humans, and he collects their wicked souls in ‘hell’. It seems the only way to save Damon is to kill the Devil.

Stefan doesn’t believe her fable about the Devil or any part of her story. Sybil explains that Arcadius created a world in his last dying breath where he can feed on the souls of the damned. She insists that the past will always haunt both him and Damon and he should stop fighting it. Stefan admits that maybe he does deserve to be punished, but Damon doesn’t. She responds by saying that his fate is already sealed and she showed Damon a small sliver of what awaited him, and he chose to flip his switch and serve Arcadius rather than face it. Stefan is also equally as doomed to pay for his past crimes.

Alaric finally gets out of the cave through a tunnel which leads him to the main streets of Mystic Falls. Meanwhile, as Matt catches his dad up on what’s been happening, his father recites a rhyme that his great grandmother used to say, “glass of vervain everyday keeps the vampires at bay.” There is also a touching moment where he tells Matt that he left Matt and Mystic Falls for his own reason and doesn’t expect forgiveness. Hopefully Matt doesn’t lose his dad since he has lost everyone else he has loved. They finally arrive upon the car that has Tyler in the trunk. When he opens the trunk, he finds Tyler and it appears they are too late – he’s dead. In this world of the supernatural, it’s not wrong to think that this isn’t the end for our dear werewolf! Poor Matt is devastated at seeing one of his oldest and dearest friends lifeless body.

The end of the episode brings us to Georgie regrouping with Seline. Instead of bringing her sister as instructed, she has a message from Sybil, “piss off, she doesn’t need her help.” In the next breath, Seline snaps Georgie’s neck. When Georgie wakes up, she sees Seline eating her lifeless body. She is then pulled away screaming by an unseen force – Cade! It’s too bad about Georgie, I was just starting to like her! Could she really be gone for good?

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