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Unraveling the Mysteries of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods’ Latest Sci-Fi

Published on November 6th, 2023 | Updated on November 6th, 2023 | By FanFest

Mind-Bending ‘Divinity’: A Quirky Sci-Fi Journey Beyond Imagination

Divinity Movie

In Divinity, the latest cinematic creation crafted by the talented writer-director Eddie Alcazar and with executive production by the renowned Steven Soderbergh, there exist numerous instances that transport you into the realm of a science fiction horror frenzy. This description is not only a form of praise but an acknowledgment of the film’s distinctiveness, which thrives on its remarkable, albeit peculiar, embellishments. Similar to other recent exemplars of science fiction that boldly challenge conventional boundaries, Divinity operates on a unique wavelength and never seeks to overly guide its audience. Initially introduced at the Sundance Film Festival and now enjoying a broader release, this cinematic offering demands your attention as it takes you on an awe-inspiring journey that spans the cosmos, expanding its boundaries with each passing moment.

What Is ‘Divinity’ About?

Divinity Movie

The film’s storyline centers on Jaxxon Pierce, portrayed by Stephen Dorff, as he strives to achieve immortality through the creation of a serum called Divinity at his luxurious desert home. His self-absorbed character unintentionally renders the world infertile with Divinity, leading to a surreal society of endless advertising and passionless sex.

The plot takes a dramatic turn when two otherworldly beings, played by Moises Arias and Jason Genao, intrude on Jaxxon’s life, subjecting him to the effects of his own serum. The arrival of Nikita, a sex worker played by Karrueche Tran, further complicates the story, as their lives become intertwined, leading to chaos.

Bella Thorne makes intermittent appearances as Ziva, an enigmatic figure with a following, on a mission to locate women capable of giving birth, adding an intriguing layer to the film’s narrative.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods' Latest Sci-Fi

Primarily shot in a captivating monochromatic palette, the movie pivots around an evocative essence, steering away from traditional storytelling. There’s an abundance of striking visual beauty to behold, but the primary objective is to immerse oneself in its often surreal and nightmarish sequences without the burden of complete comprehension. It might be overly simplistic to categorize a creation like this as being solely about “vibes,” but honestly, that’s the most accurate way to capture the essence of Divinity. Whenever it attempts to elucidate its themes, it risks diminishing what makes it truly exceptional.

While there might be a temptation to lump Divinity with recent exceptional works in the realm of experimental horror, doing so would be an injustice to both. This film not only delves much deeper into the commercialization of sex and pleasure, with a brief yet standout appearance by Steven Ogg of “Better Call Saul” that intensifies this theme significantly, but it also explores the potential for reclamation. This may sound intellectually ambitious for a film as bizarre as Divinity, but surprisingly, it complements the work remarkably well. The movie seamlessly weaves biblical references into its fabric, even as it ventures into the farthest realms of mind-bending sci-fi.

Moises Arias Leads ‘Divinity’s Wonderfully Wacky Finale

Divinity Movie

Despite the myriad experiences and the unforgettable nightmare sequence it takes us on, nothing can truly prepare you for the astonishing climax of this story. It’s best to approach this part of the narrative with as little prior knowledge as possible, as it’s a breathtaking escalation that combines elements reminiscent of Mortal Kombat with the stop-motion artistry of talents like Henry Selick. While it may have some rough edges, these imperfections only add to its delightful charm. This scene throws caution to the wind, departing from the measured and meditative elements that precede it. While the entire cast does a commendable job navigating the film’s narrative, it’s Dorff and Arias who shine most brightly in this electrifying denouement. The spectacle may command attention, but the importance of every action by this duo cannot be overstated.

Dorff delivers a powerhouse performance, embodying the transformation of Jaxxon, who becomes increasingly detached from his former self, evolving into a representation of humanity’s violent and heightened id. As a counterbalance, Arias skillfully captures the essential emotional moments of a character from another world, who undergoes a whirlwind journey from love to heartbreak and eventual loss, all in what feels like the span of a single day. His performance, while it might be overshadowed by the film’s many twists, is the glue that holds everything together, even in the simplest scenes where he sits alone. Amidst the swirling chaos that becomes more frenetic as the story unfolds, he remains a grounding force of grace until the explosive finale.

While Divinity is undoubtedly a labor of love, it’s a film that isn’t afraid to embrace its quirkiness and take bold risks. Combining elements of body horror and a generous dose of science fiction, this movie eludes easy categorization, and that’s precisely what makes it stand out. The term “cult classic” is often thrown around casually, particularly for films like this that may not immediately find their audience and might even alienate some viewers upon their initial release. However, in the case of Divinity, it genuinely seems like an apt descriptor for its future. What sets the film apart is its refusal to contort itself to fit that mold, as attempting to do so can come across as forced and off-putting. Instead, Divinity exudes an authentic sincerity that is crucial in ensuring it soars when it truly matters.

Many may find themselves disliking the encounter, but it never seems to make any concessions. While it may not reach the heights achieved by other remarkable science fiction works of this year, Alcazar’s most recent creation still offers plenty to savor in every moment. It’s an experience that you’ll yearn to immerse yourself in, even if it eventually leaves you in a state of bewildered amazement and perhaps with a lingering sense of bewilderment from what you’ve just witnessed.

Quick summary

  1. “Divinity” is a mind-bending sci-fi film by director Eddie Alcazar, produced by Steven Soderbergh. It features a unique and surreal storyline centered around the quest for immortality and the consequences of a serum named Divinity.
  2. The film challenges conventions with its unconventional narrative style and explores themes of commercialization, body horror, and reclamation. “Divinity” is a genuine cult classic in the making, refusing to fit into traditional genres and offering a captivating, if quirky, cinematic experience.

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