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Universal Studios Hollywood’s ‘Jurassic Park—The Ride’ to be Revamped

Many of those who flocked to Universal Studios Hollywood stopped to ride the incredibly thrilling water ride based on the iconic film, Jurassic Park.
Now, the original ride will soon be extinct.

Fear not, Dinosauria and film lovers alike. They will be back, and they will have expanded. Universal plans to re imagine the ride to better match it’s latest film installments, Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Drawing from the favorite elements of the original “Jurassic Park—The Ride,” this next-generation “Jurassic World Ride” will be a fully reimagined iteration of the ground-breaking adventure, elevating every facet of the experience. With the introduction of never-before-seen dinosaurs, enhanced storytelling, lush scenic design, an entirely new color scheme and uncompromised state-of the art technology, the ride will capture elements never experienced within a theme park.

The old ride is a leisurely boat ride that turns chaotic when it takes a wrong turn into a lab where dinosaurs run loose. The riders see all types of dinosaurs along the way, including friendly ones who simply watch as you float by. By the end, you’ve successfully escaped with your life after run ins with raptors, and an even-closer call with the monstrous and terrifying T-Rex.

This classic ride style also has a home in Universal Studios Orlando.

We can only hope that T-Rex makes her mark on this new ride. Who knows, maybe there will even be an animatronic Chris Pratt involved!

Universal Studios Hollywood's 'Jurassic Park—The Ride' to be Revamped
Universal Studios Hollywood

Jurassic Park—The Ride as we know it, will close its doors on September 3rd, 2018.