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20 Gift Ideas For Your Friend Who Misses Their Sitcoms

Published on December 20th, 2017 | Updated on December 20th, 2017 | By FanFest

The Office Lover

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 Dunder Mifflin/World’s Best Boss Mug

Who says you have to be a boss to have a boss mug? P.S. “World’s Best Boss” is printed on the other side.

 Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

A little bit pricey but it’s a classic and will liven up any desk at work!

 Print of the Dunder Mifflin Floor Plan

A unique way to bring Dunder Mifflin into your home or office!

Threat Level Midnight Shirt

The Office: Threat Level Midnight Movie Poster Unisex T-Shirt Front

Anyone can get a Dunder Mifflin shirt…but can they get a Threat Level Midnight shirt?

Dwight Pillow

The Parks & Recreation Fan

Lil Sebastian Shirt


 Work is Always Third Print

Because everyone could use this friendly reminder.

Ron Swanson Cutting Board

“You’re the Ann to my Leslie” Mug

Best Friends mug, Best friend gifts, Galentine's Day gift, Land Mermaid Best Bitches coffee mug

The perfect gift for your BFF.

Mouse Rat Shirt

The Friends Fanatic

 Door Peephole Frame

Give this to your apartment dwelling Friends fan to put around their peephole!

 Sister Candle

They make all sorts of custom candles. I’m sure they could replace ‘sister’ with another name if you wanted!

 Quotable coasters

Never stop quoting Friends….never.

 Central Perk Mug

 Wine Glasses with Quotes

Wine + Friends? Can’t beat that combination.

The How I Met Your Mother People

 Legendary Blue Horn Painting

Its simplistic and stylish and would look great in any room.

 Personalized Glenn McKenna Label

Want to bring a bottle of wine to a HIMYM fan’s Holiday Party? Pop this label on the bottle and you’ve got your gift all ready to go!

 Umbrella/NYC Skyline Print

This print is super cute and isn’t obvious about being a HIMYM callback. The real fans will definitely get it when they see it on your wall though.

The Bro Code

A good bathroom or coffee table book!

 Ted Mosby Boots

I have a pair of these and let me tell you they are super cute and I always get a Ted Mosby mention whenever I have them on. “Pulling them off”

Happy Holidays FanFest readers!!!

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