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Tyler Hoechlin Is Gonna Be Superman For A LONG Time!

Published on August 2nd, 2021 | Updated on August 7th, 2021 | By FanFest

Tyler Hoechlin wants to be Superman for many years according to comments he’s made recently.  Hoechlin is the current Superman of The CW’s Arrowverse and has been killing it as the Man Of Steel. Superman and Lois is, in my opinion, the best of the Arrowverse to date!

Hoechlin did an interview with Men’s Health where he discussed how he got into shape for the role of Superman. Makes sense, since Superman Is a pretty healthy guy. He also mentions how he never really saw himself being Superman.

“I always say that it’s not the role that I ever envisioned myself playing, but I think that’s maybe why I’m able to play it the way that I have been.

It’s been a lot of fun, and thankfully, it’s worked. I grew up with the idea of playing Batman, and I think if I was playing Batman, I’d be very aware that I was playing Batman. So it almost helps in the sense that, for whatever reason, this wasn’t in the forefront of my mind, and it’s made it easier to take on the role.”

Hoechlin then went on to discuss how he wants to work on that physical aspect of playing Superman. This is also where he mentioned how he’d like to play the character for a long while.

“For me, I appreciate and am excited about the challenge of it. This isn’t a movie; it’s not like a few months of prep, a few months of shooting, and you’re done. We’ve been shooting for 10 months and next year will be at least seven and it’s going to be a yearly thing. So I really looked forward to the challenge of not getting to that place but maintaining it for hopefully a long time.”

Superman And Lois returns to The CW on August 10! Hopefully Hoechlin is Superman for many years!

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One thought on “Tyler Hoechlin Is Gonna Be Superman For A LONG Time!

  1. So far loving what they’re doing in this show. Hopefully they keep it up and we see Hoechlin’s superman for a number of years.


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