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Trailers: ‘I Am Paul Walker’ is Incredibly Heart-Wrenching

Published on July 26th, 2018 | Updated on July 26th, 2018 | By FanFest

It has been five years since Fast and Furious series star Paul Walker was killed in a tragic car accident. Walker’s death was one that rippled through not only the entire Fast and Furious fan base, but throughout Hollywood as well.

One story that fans will always remember Walker for, is how much he loved helping out those in need. He once spotted a military couple looking to buy an engagement ring, and when he found out they couldn’t afford the ring they wanted, he paid for it in secret – the couple not knowing of the stars beautiful deed until years later.

On August 11th, the Paramount Network will be airing the new I Am Paul Walker film the latest in the ‘I Am’ documentary series, proceeding the ‘I Am Heath Ledger’ film which aired back in 2017.

“If you loved him the way we did, you would say, well, why him and not us?” Tyrese Gibson says in the official trailer for Adrian Buitenhuis’ upcoming documentary titled “I Am Paul Walker.”

The film will shed an emotional look at the life of Walker and will feature interviews with his family members, friends, fans and other film collaborators. One of those collaborates who makes an appearance, is Fast and Furious director Rob Cohen, who states that Walker’s persona was far from the man those who knew him well loved.


Check out the official trailer below, with tissues at the ready:



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