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Trading FINALLY Comes to ‘Pokemon Go’ – But Will It Be Worth It?

Published on June 18th, 2018 | Updated on June 18th, 2018 | By FanFest

After two years, Trading is finally coming to Pokemon Go and should be rolled out later this week or so. With it will come a lot of new features and things you need to keep in mind; but at its heart, there is still the same vision of ‘exploration’ that Pokemon Go originally set out to do. Will you be able to Trade ‘Em All at once and complete your dex? No. Will you be able to break the game with CP 3300+ Legendaries at level 10? No. Could there be potential downsides that ruin IVs and Pokedex achievements? ….Possibly.

So let’s break down each part of this new system and show what you can/can’t do and what we need clarification on before we trade any perfect IVs .

Making Friends – Friends List:

Later this week, you’ll be able to begin growing a Friends List in Pokemon Go. Trainers will be given a special Trainer Code that can be shared with others. Once you input another Trainer’s Friend Code, you can invite them to become your friend. Once they accept the invitation, it’s time to start building that Friendship. Whenever you battle in a Raid or Gym Battle together, Trade or send a gift – which I’ll get to in a second – your Friendship rank will improve from Good friend to Great Friend to Ultra Friend to Best Friend. Each level of Friendship will award different perks such as bonuses when Raiding/ Battling together as well as discount on Trades.

Though the best way to improve Friendship – at least for those you don’t get to see too often will be by sharing Gifts. When spinning a PokeStop, you’ll have the chance of receiving a gift that can be sent to a Friend. The gift will not only contain some helpful items and a Post Card of where it was from, but also can include a new item called a 7km Egg which will hatch an Alolan Form. Friendship levels can be increased once per day per friend; but this will reward people for making friends around the world – or at least people you’ll be okay sitting in the same building with. lol

Credit: Niantic

Trading Specifics – Regular and Special Trades:

As for trading itself, each trade costs Stardust and when receiving a traded Pokemon, you’ll also receive a Bonus Candy of that type – even more Candy if the Pokemon was captured far away from you. Though it’s important to note that you can only initiate a Trade when someone is close to you. Additionally, the Pokemon you receive will have different stats – and potentially a different IV (more on this in a second). Though these are just the rules for basic trades. If you want a Legendary, Shiny or Regional – which let’s face it, we’ll most likely use it for – you need to initiate a Special Trade.

Special Trades can only be done once per day and have a much higher Stardust Cost. These are for Legendary, Shiny and Pokemon not already registered in your Dex, so completionists must really pay attention to this and start building their friendships. The example given for Trading two Legendaries showed a cost of 1 million Stardust if they were just ‘Good Friends’ built a cost of 40,000 Stardust if they were ‘Best Friends.’

Credit: Niantic

What To Watch Out For – IV Re-rolls & Trading Changes:

As I mentioned before, there are a few details we need to have better explained. For example, the official Pokemon Go Live update reveals that CP and HP will be adjusted upon trade based on the Trainer’s levels. IVs are not mentioned but could be included in the term ‘stats’ that they used. If that is true, DO NOT risk trading any Perfect IV Pokemon. Then again, the sample photos show the cost of a standard trade being 100 Stardust. Does this mean you could keep trading/ trading back a Pokemon until it rerolls perfect IVs – and not go broke?

Additionally, there are fears that Niantic could rework the evolution system to make Pokemon who Evolve via Evolution actually Evolve via evolution. Which at first might not seem bad, but remember the above point. Say so long to your hopes of evolving a Perfect IV Machamp or – since Gen IV is arriving soon – Rhyperior. Again, no word has been said yet and it’ll most likely be via PokeStop items like the game currently uses. But with so many one-off Evo items needed to be added to the game, I wouldn’t be surprised…. Disappointed, but not surprised.

So what do you think about the news? Does this lift Pokemon Go to new heights? Could it jeopardize the game? Sound off in the comments!


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