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Topher Grace Edits All 10 Star Wars Movies Together To Create an Amazing Five-Minute Trailer

Published on February 26th, 2019 | Updated on February 26th, 2019 | By FanFest

Topher Grace, best known as Eric on That 70s Show but more recently seen in the Oscar nominated BlacKkKlansman, is letting his inner geek shine yet again; this time in the form of a five-minute-long trailer cobbled together from footage taken from all 10 Star Wars films.

Solo, Rogue One, the Prequels, the new trilogy and the original trilogy have all come together in an epic five-minute labor of love. Grace, no stranger to Star Wars projects, once created a legendary super cut of the Star Wars prequels back in 2012 which was shown at an intimate gathering involving friends. His version of the prequel trilogy, condensed to a brief 85-minutes, garnered rave reviews from those in attendance and gained notoriety throughout the internet despite most people having never seen his version of the films.

Unfortunately, we will never get to see Grace’s version of the prequels, but we have the next best thing with his new trailer. Grace worked alongside Jeff Yorkes, well known for his trailer editing skills, to create the perfect mash up of these beloved films.

Maybe one day someone at Disney will recognize Grace’s talents and cast him in a Star Wars movie, or hey – even give him his own trilogy. That seems to be handed out quite frequently lately. One can dream. For now, check out the trailer below!




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