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Top 5 Best NFT Brands

Published on February 10th, 2022 | Updated on February 10th, 2022 | By FanFest

Top 5 ranking for NFT brands joining the non-fungible token fad

No. 5: BMW: Museum of Sound

BMW gains in its effort to convert the company’s fleet to electric power, but it suffers from the thunderous roar of a gasoline engine. The carmaker and agency Service plan Middle East, in partnership with the Dubai Autodrome Club racetrack, used BMW Ms equipped with microphones to record the vehicles’ range of noises. The engine rumbles were transformed into abstract images on the environmentally conscious blockchain Polygon and forever etched in stone.

No. 4: Animal Planet: Puppy Bowl XVIII

This year, Animal Planet brought its popular Puppy Bowl to the metaverse. A pair of virtual trading cards are released to commemorate the game, in which a bracket of 118 adorable furbabies is placed snout to snout in an adoption campaign. The collectibles depict the dogs in action on a football pitch. The proceeds from the sale of this item benefit Orange Twins Rescue, which was founded by Ariana Grand.

No. 3: Samsung: Turn Red Hearts Green

The Samsung 837X, the metaverse platform for Decentraland, is hosting a virtual scavenger hunt that will reward NFTs and digital wearables. Users will be prompted by an in-game character to search for recyclable product boxes and plant a tree in Samsung’s virtual sustainability forest, where they may learn more about the company’s environmental efforts. For those that complete the quest, they will get an NFT badge and other digital goodies on Valentine’s Day for returning.

No. 2: Bud Light: N3XT Collection

Even larger than last year’s 1,936 NFT drop, Bud Light and Vayner NFT released 12,722 NFTs for the debut of its new 0% carb beer. The design of each NFT is blue and white, reflecting the Bud Light Next color scheme. Minters can use these crypto collectibles to obtain branded goods, events, and yet-to-be-announced perks. The NFTs also appear in a Bud Light Next Super Bowl commercial.

No. 1: Twitter: NFT Profile Pictures

For those of you who are unfamiliar with NFTs, Twitter just implemented a function that lets you customize your NFT profile picture. NFTs can now be connected to Twitter and included on users’ profiles, denoted by a hex-shaped rather than the usual circle.

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