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Top 5 Canceled TV Series You Should Watch

Published on June 21st, 2017 | Updated on June 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

Unless you’re a Communications Major, you probably never had to think of the difference between Broadcast TV and Cable TV. It’s a long story, but the short version is Broadcast Networks (i.e: ABC, CBS) have to appeal to BROAD audiences and worry a lot about sponsorship while Cable Networks (i.e: FX, HBO) can survive with niche audiences – and this makes all the difference when picking shows to renew and scrap!

TV Execs feel it’s cheaper to produce new formulaic comedies and procedural shows than actually invest in an underperforming show. Though just because a show doesn’t have BROADcast appeal, it doesn’t make it any less of an incredible series! Maybe it had poor scheduling or couldn’t work with a week to week schedule. Maybe it didn’t fit the networks ‘tone’. Whatever the reason, here are 5 Canceled TV Series That You Should Watch!

*Disclaimer: Only after compiling this list did I realize every show here was on ABC… awkward

5. Forever:

Forever would have been your run of the mill crime drama, if it wasn’t for its main character, the immortal Dr Henry Morgan who spends his days as a NY Medical Examiner and his nights trying to find a way to end his curse. It was a really intriguing show that dealt with the ideas of immortality and seeing your kids grow up and age while you yourself are still in time lock. Though the series gets really good when it introduces a second immortal that becomes Henry’s nemesis. The season ended pretty well, but there was still much more to explore. In fact, the series creator even revealed that the second season would have featured a third immortal that could have sought to play both Henry and his antagonist against each other even more. Even so, the first season is a pretty interesting take on immortality and spices up your regularly scheduled crime dramas.

4. Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt 23:

For many people, Krysten Ritter is Jessica Jones or Jane from Breaking Bad. Though her best role is probably as Chloe aka ‘The B—- in Apartment 23”. Krysten Ritter is a Master when it comes to comedic timing and this show puts it on full display. Though despite this humor, the show actually runs a nice range of emotions and lesson; but it never stops being ridiculous and funny. Chloe’s roommate June offers a grounded feel to the show grounded while Chloe’s best friend James Van Der Beek (who plays himself) helps make things even more crazy and hilarious!

As for why this show got canceled, it’s probably because ABC never gave it a fair shake to begin with. It was originally supposed to be a mid-season filler for Modern Family but then got a full season order. Sadly someone forgot to tell ABC as the show repeatedly had new episodes pulled as well as episodes airing completely out of order – and out of season. In fact, the last few episodes weren’t even aired at all. Though as the name suggests, Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt 23 might be a little racy for a broadcast – as well as Disney – network. Though even if this show and its network didn’t match with tone, it’s still an incredibly funny and enjoyable show!

3. Mixology

I usually describe Mixology as a much shorter version of How I Met Your Mother but with much lower stakes, a much happier ending and it all takes place in one night. This was another ABC and bust show – I’m noticing a trend. Though what made this show fail on TV is exactly what makes it succeed in streaming. You see the series follows a group of 10 strangers in the same bar and we see how their stories interact and crossover. Each character has their own background – which is explained with entertaining flashback scenes – and seeing each episode LITERALLY lead into the next episode is something we don’t see on TV. The last few seconds of an episode are the first few seconds of the next episode, and vice versa.

Waiting week to week to see how this show plays out would be terribly annoying, but streaming it all over the course of a few nights is incredibly rewarding. It’s actually a beautifully crafted series and by season’s end every character get’s what he or she deserves/ needs – for better or worse. Though unlike other series on this list, I won’t say it needs a second season. It deserves one, but at the same time the allure of this show is that it is a perfectly contained story. You don’t know where people’s stories go after it, but you have a pretty good idea. An unneeded second season (second night?) would only tarnish the ending!

2. Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted might not be the first series to break the Fourth Wall or portray a zany work environment, but it is certainly one of the best. Better Off Ted follows the charming Ted Chrisp who works at the soulless corporation Veridian Dynamics. Though it’s not just Ted that makes this show but the cast of supporting characters we works with day in and day out. Though one of the most surprising cast members is his boss Veronica Palmer who is played by Portia de Rossi aka Lindsay Funke on Arrested Development. This role is almost a complete reversal of her Arrested Development character so that sets up some fun mental juxtapositions if you’re a fan of both shows.

Though the greatest thing about this show is its wit and deadpan approach to zany request. Whether it’s weaponizing a pumpkin or making nicotine ice cream (so people eat more ice cream) no request is too crazy or soulless for Research and Development at Veridian Dynamic! So sit back, relax, and check out Better Off Ted. Unlike Veridian Dynamics, we promise there’s no unintended side effects!

1. Galavant

Way back in days of old
About last year or so
There was an awesome show called

Seriously though. If you love Mel Brooks style humor, witty period piece satire or the music of Alan Menken (Aladdin, Tangled, Beauty & The Beast, etc), there is something in this series for you. Originally planned to be another mid season filler, Galavant actually went on to get two seasons and I’m glad it did! The first season was fun but left off with everything unresolved. That second season though is where the magic really happens!

Although the series ends mostly resolved, there are some major plot points that can be expanded upon for an additional season. Either way, Galavant is an incredibly well written series in every aspect. There’s very few smart – occasionally musical – satires anymore, and this show, songs, cast and story was a charming gem of a series.

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