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Tom Hiddleston Wants Loki and Doctor Strange on Screen Together

Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston are both frequent breakers of the internet. Tall, dark, and
British is obviously the formula for success and adding to that they are now both costumed members of the Marvel cinematic universe. Hiddleston has appeared as Loki in several of the Marvel power house films and Cumberbatch is set to appear as Doctor Strange coming this November!

In 2011 the two filmed Steven  Spielberg’s War Horse and have remained close
friends. In an interview with New York Daily News Hiddleston talked about how fun it would be to see both of their characters in costume together,

In some hypothetical world, I don’t quite know when, for Loki and Dr. Strange to share the same frame would be very exciting indeed, because Benedict Cumberbatch is an old friend. So I would think it would be interesting to see who would get the upper hand.”

I have never read anything with Dr. Strange in it, only having watched the recently dropped trailer but the two look like they would be fun to play off of each other. Magic is so interesting especially in contrast with so many of the Marvel heroes being for lack of a better word science experiments or just plain old humans. (Not that I think that is a bad thing I love all the Marvel heroes!)

Throw some Scarlet Witch in there and we would have a Marvel movie I would sure be excited to see!

Hiddleston also got to talk about another of his close friends who now suits up for Marvel, Charlie Cox who is playing DareDevil on the Netflix original series. When asked if he would ever be able to swing a scene with all three characters Hiddleston responded,

“Well, that would be a fun day at the office. We would probably just be comparing costumes.”

These comic book movie worlds are getting so vast it is fun to watch all the connections pop up all over the place. Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4th, Loki will next appear in Thor: Ragnarok which release November 3rd, 2017, and seasons 1 and 2 of Dare Devil are now streaming on Netflix.

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