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Titans Season 3 Episode Titles Confirmed

Published on May 7th, 2021 | Updated on May 7th, 2021 | By FanFest

A few months ago there was apparently a leak that revealed the episode titles for Titans season 3. Back in March, when these titles first leaked, we had absolutely no way of knowing whether they were true or not. Now, with what we learned on Thursday, it seems like a safe bet that all the episode titles are true. This means the Titans season 3 episode titles really did leak!

Spoiler TV has gone ahead and corroborated at least the first four titles of the season. With the first four titles of the season confirmed it seems a safe bet that the rest of the episode titles are true as well. It’s possible they may not be, but for now, I think it’s safe to assume they are.

I’ve decided to include the list of episode titles below once again, just so you can refresh your memory. Now, you can get a sneak peek at what the third season of Titans is bringing to the table. It’s juicy, too.

  • Episode 1: Barbara Gordon (Written by Richard Hatem & Geoff Johns)
  • Episode 2: Red Hood (Written by Tom Pabst)
  • Episode 3: Hank & Dove (Written by Jamie Gorenberg)
  • Episode 4: Blackfire
  • Episode 5: Lazarus
  • Episode 6: Lady Vic
  • Episode 7: 51 Percent
  • Episode 8: Home
  • Episode 9: Souls
  • Episode 10: Troubled Water

The most interesting episode titles are in the first half of the season, anyway. It’s obvious that the two most anticipated additions coming to the show are in the first few episodes. Barbara Gordon and Red Hood will both be introduced within the first couple of episodes it seems. If we’re lucky we may even see Barbara suit up as Batgirl.

The fourth episode will take the focus on Blackfire, it seems. We’ve known since the second season that Starfire’s sister would be playing a role this season. Most likely as some sort of antagonist. This season, it seems, will introduce several big components to the Teen Titans mythos.

Speaking of additions and rumors, could the fifth episode title be some sort of hint? It is titled Lazarus, as in Lazarus pit we assume. Could we be looking at a resurrection for a fallen character? Perhaps a certain Amazonian that perished in the season 2 finale?

Those aren’t the only new things we’re waiting for this season. We’ve already seen two of the Robin’s introduced and season 3 will bring the third. Jay Lycurgo joins the series as the third Robin, Tim Drake. We’ll also see Vincent Kartheiser as Scarecrow, which should be pretty exciting!

All of these things coming together will make Titans one of the biggest projects in terms of live-action DC properties. We’ve even seen set photos from where they’re filming scenes set in Arkham Asylum and those look as good as the rest of it!

Titans 3 is also a fresh start for the series. You see, Titans was originally a DC Universe original but DC Universe doesn’t exist anymore. It was turned into DC Universe Infinite and is a comic subscription service. A good one, too. Titans, along with most of the other DC Universe Originals have found a new home on HBO Max.

This move has been incredibly beneficial for several DC Universe series already. It’s gotten the shows in front of a much larger audience, and thus has brought more hype to a lot of the shows. Harley Quinn is a prime example of this.

Titans will return sometime this year, most likely, only on HBO Max.




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