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Titans: No One Was Expecting The Big Joker Reveal From The Titans Season 3 Trailer!

Published on June 18th, 2021 | Updated on June 18th, 2021 | By FanFest

Titans season 3 is almost here, the season will debut on August 12 with three episodes! That’s a lot of Titans on day 1 that we get to check out. The trailer was released on Thursday and… no one was expecting the big Joker reveal from the Titans season 3 trailer.

We’ve known for a really long time that Red Hood would be featured in this season of the live-action Titans adaptation. Everyone knows the classic story, with Joker beating Jason Todd to death. The problem with that? Traditionally, Joker is off limit in live-action TV shows.

That’s why when the trailer made it seem like Joker was on his way to the series, well… fans were a little shocked. The trailer does nothing to hide this, either. We see a man strung up with a terrifying smile. We hear a chilling laugh, see a blood crowbar…

If this all proves to be some kind of fake-out, it would be a huge mistake. Whereas on the other end, if this really is Joker and we see him in all his clown glory, fans would be stoked! This could also change what is and isn’t off-limits in DC live-action adaptations.

Joker isn’t the only thing joining the Titans in season 3. Season 3 will introduce Barbara Gordon to Titans. The daughter of Commissioner Gordon was once Batgirl. No word yet on whether or not she’ll suit up, but we’re guessing the answer is no. Based on some new images, it seems like she’s already been confined to a wheelchair.

The season will also introduce Scarecrow, who is reportedly in GCPD custody and helping them catch criminals. We can’t rule out the possibility of him escaping and returning to the Scarecrow moniker.

As we mentioned above, Titans is dropping on August 12 with THREE episodes on HBO Max! No one expected the big Joker reveal, but here’s hoping it goes well!

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