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Titans “Koriand’r” Review- Meet the Parents

Published on December 14th, 2018 | Updated on December 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

After a brief detour to explore the pasts of Hawk and Dove, while leaving me an emotional wreck, Titans returns to our main cast of characters this week with an episode that starts to push the pedal to the floor as we accelerate towards the season finale.  I can’t believe we’re almost done with season one. Not sure if I’m ready to say good-bye. With all the backlash for the show, before it premiered, I went in not really knowing what to expect. That, in turn, has resulted in a fantastic viewing experience as Titans leaves me wanting more after each episode. One of the highlights of my week is sitting down at lunch to watch my screener, Tweeting a very vague reaction, and seeing you guys flip out about it. The Titans fan base is invested, especially when it comes to shipping, and it has only enhanced the viewing/reviewing experience for yours truly. The build to the finale is going to be a blast to cover and with two episodes left (not including this one) it seems that it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

“Koriand’r” not only picks up the cliffhanger from a couple of weeks ago but also inserts a real sense of urgency and danger for these last few episodes. It’s an urgency that makes the episode seemingly fly by as the pace continues to quicken scene after scene. Among all that haste is some serious story expanding, as the large narrative arc for the season is starting to come together in time for the finale. And there in the middle of it all is Raven.

DC Universe Titans

We’ve known for quite some time that Raven is the key to this first season and what “Koriand’r” does so well is show us the opposing forces at work vying for her. Fresh off the cliffhanger from a couple of weeks ago where Raven, much to her regret, has restored Kori’s memories. With the little bits of Starfire’s past we’ve seen, mostly the storage shed of obsession, it’s been kind of easy to conclude that her mission hasn’t been to find Raven and give her a hug. Anyone who gets the name “Ender of Worlds” never seems like someone you want to hang out with, and as soon as Kori has her memories restored she goes into murder mode. As Starfire focuses in on her objective, gripping Raven’s throat in her fire choke hold, it seems that she forgets her present. There is no recognition of any time she may have spent with Raven or Beast Boy, she is totally transfixed on the kill which is more than alarming. We have yet to see Starfire really cut loose and if this is any indication then she’s going to be a force. A force the Titans are going to want to keep on their side.

Dick and Donna show up right as things are heating up, hehehe, but Starfire tosses Beast Boy into Dick taking them both off the board. It’s clear that Dick is a bit hesitant to act on Kori, as Donna so elegantly pointed out they are knocking boots (literally), and that hesitation costs him. It’s a nice touch to a character who has been so quick to react violently during intense situations, and a small step forward in Dick Grayson transforming into something else. No matter how you slice it though, that compassion almost gets Raven killed. Good thing Donna Troy is there with her gold freakin’ lasso and puts Kori down for a moment. Beast Boy was not the only one who geeked out about that.

When Starfire comes to she has no recollection of what just transpired, furthering my concern that there can only be one set of memories, and quickly leaves the house with Dick and Donna hot on her heels. Seemingly upset that she would hurt someone she loves and needing more answers. The problem with this is the impressionable teenager who just got her mother back is left more or less alone with all her exploitable emotions. I said it when they broke her out of the asylum that I didn’t trust this woman, and I’m surprised that someone that spent so much time with Batman would be comfortable with her presence. Yet here we are with Raven’s mother who is clearly working with The Organization in order to bring her father back.

Her father? You know, Trigon… yeeeeeeeah, he’s no good. After Raven’s awesome mother poisons Beast Boy to the point where even Raven can’t heal him, another nice touch showing the inexperience with her powers, she talks her daughter into calling her father. Raven’s mother preys on her emotional weakness, and Raven desperately wanting to save her friend complies. Thanks, mom. Then through the mist, Trigon arrives looking dapper as hell and ready to give his daughter the world… most likely by destroying it. Trigon heals Beast Boy, to gain Raven’s trust, and then plots with her mother to help strip her of everything. Making it easier to manipulate her. Parents, am I right?!

DC Universe Titans

After exploring Starfire’s spaceship, Dick, Donna, and Kori get back to the house to find it replaced by a mist cloud. Dick is the first to rush in and makes it through the apparent mist door. Donna and Kori aren’t as lucky as they’re left on the outside as the rest of the gang is stuck in the house with Trigon.

Some other quick thoughts:

  • I love how Beast Boy fanboys over other heroes.
  • All season long Titans has made good use of mirrors and the imagery of what’s real and what’s under the surface. That’s something that they used to great effect this episode.
  • Trigon… look him up or read some comics. Things are heating up.
  • The episode started with Raven reaching out to Hawk and Dove. Interestingly we never see her talk with Dove nor does she mention anything about Jason Todd. Curious to see how Dove came to that conclusion.
  • I’m so happy to see Starfire change into a new outfit. I think we got all the mileage we could have out of that purple dress.
  • Donna Troy. That is all.

There you have it Geeklings, what did you think of this week’s Titans?! What do you make of Trigon? How much danger is Raven really in? How do you feel about Starfire now that we’re learning more about her? Sound off in the comments or if you’d like to talk more Titans with yours truly then you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. I’ll see you all back here next week with another review as we head to the finale!


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