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Titans: Are Nightwing And Starfire Gonna Hook Up In Season 3!?

Published on July 22nd, 2021 | Updated on July 31st, 2021 | By FanFest

Titans season 3 is almost here, and fans can’t wait to see everything the third season is bringing to the show. Between heading to Gotham, Red Hood, and dealing with Blackfire, Titans season 3 will have one hell of a third season. Now, we know Nightwing and Starfire might end up together, too.

TVLine has already gotten some of the season 3 episodes, and has written a little about what’s going on. No major spoilers or anything, but just a little about the dynamic we can expect between all the characters when the season launches.

Here’s what Matt Mitovich wrote about season3  thus far,

“I’m a few episodes into Season 3 thus far, and Dick’s been busy revisiting his dynamic with Batgirl-turned-Gotham police commissioner Barbara Gordon, while Kory has been repeatedly distracted by something very strange that is going on with her (though she does have a handsome someone to confide in).”

It is entire possible that handsome someone is Dick Grayson. After all, Dick and Kori do have a history both in the comics and in this show. They could totally end up together.

We currently don’t know what his relationship with Barbara Gordon is like though. That might be a small obstacle to overcome depending on what his history is like with the former Batgirl.

The trailer promises the show will be as dark as ever, with us even seeing Joker smash, presumably, Jason’s head in with a crowbar. This is how he ends up as Red Hood in the source material. Still, the showrunner Greg Walking says the whole thing has a somewhat happy ending. He had this to say during the DC FanDome

“This is how this season is going to be different, I think in a lot of ways. It ultimately ends with them figuring out a way as a team. It ends optimistically. I that the world that we live in right now. Especially the way the Titans can be, we kind of beat ourselves up for our past sins. It’s nice to be liberated. We have a character named Dove who is going to point in the direction we’re going to go. It takes them a long time to follow her advice. Ultimately finding a way to get off the hamster wheel. To stop doing things the way we’ve always done them and find a new way. That, they have to figure out how to do collectively.”

Titans season 3 hits HBO Max this August. Do you think Nightwing and Starfire will end up together? Let us know in the comments!

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