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Time’s Up: Women in Hollywood Initiate Anti-Harassment Movement

Published on January 2nd, 2018 | Updated on January 2nd, 2018 | By FanFest

There’s no hiding it, 2017 brought out a lot of scandal and harassment allegations. After all the Hollywood accusations and the #MeToo movement that launched worldwide, the women of Hollywood have decided to fight back. The time’s up on sexual assault.

Over 300 female directors, writers, agents, actresses, and more have come together to create the Time’s Up movement.

The movement is a “unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere. From movie sets to farm fields to boardrooms alike, we envision nationwide leadership that reflects the world in which we live,” according to its website.

The movement advocates for equality and safety as well as fighting the legal side of the issue. The movement has already raised over $13 million for the legal defense fund to help less fortunate women protect themselves.

The website lists the call to action as well as statistics and laws to keep you informed. You can also donate through the site or follow any of the other suggestions listed on the site.

Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, Eva Longoria, Ashley Judd, America Ferrera, Emma Stone, Rashida Jones, and more Hollywood big names are backing up this movement.

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