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Tim Allen Back as Buzz for ‘Toy Story 5’ Amidst Pamela Anderson Flashing Allegations

Published on February 10th, 2023 | Updated on February 10th, 2023 | By FanFest

Recently, news of Toy Story 5 being in the works was confirmed, and it appears that the original voice actor for Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen is getting back into character. It looks like he’ll be taking his seat once again in his space rocket cockpit!

Tim Allen excitedly tweeted about his return to the iconic Toy Story franchise, hinting that a much-anticipated reunion between Buzz and Woody was on the horizon. After all, their relationship had been left in an uncertain state when we last caught up with them in Toy Story 4!

Tim Allen Back as Buzz for 'Toy Story 5' Amidst Pamela Anderson Flashing Allegations

Following the launch of Pamela Anderson’s tell-all book, Love, Pamela, in which she asserts that Allen exposed himself to her when they were working on Home Improvement together – a claim he fiercely refutes – Allen has now made an announcement.

Despite having severed ties with other celebrities and directors who have been in the midst of controversy, it may appear perplexing that Disney is working with Allen. However, if we are to accept his statements as true, then evidently Disney has his back.

Amidst the controversy about Chris Evans’ time as Buzz Lightyear, it only makes sense that Tim Allen is returning to his former role. After all, Evans played a version of Buzz from an alternate timeline while Allen was the original voice behind the iconic character since 1995. Therefore, there should be no surprise that he would take back over this beloved part and continue bringing life to such an incredible character.

With all this in mind, it’s difficult not to question if Toy Story 5 will come out at all– especially since the prior two films had a strong feeling of finality. How much more emotional rollercoaster rides can Disney provide?

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