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Thunder and Lightning will be in New Show, Painkiller

Published on February 15th, 2021 | Updated on February 15th, 2021 | By FanFest

Black Lightning is ending this year, which is really a shame since the show hasn’t been bad at all. It isn’t my favorite of the Arrowverse series but it’s still a lot of fun and I appreciate the representation the show brings. It features a cast of strong characters and doesn’t beat you over the head with its social issues in the same way something like Supergirl does. One of the more interesting characters of the series is Painkiller, who has gone through a lot of traumas throughout the show. It was previously revealed that Painkiller would be starring in his own show spinning out of Black Lightning and now we know that the Pierce sisters will be joining him. Little else is known about their roles in the show, other than the fact that they’ll be there, but it’s awesome to see them carry forward. Fans can rest easy knowing that Thunder and Lightning will be in Painkiller.

The pilot is actually being shot right now, as was revealed in an interview with SYFY. “We’re shooting the Painkiller pilot now. We fully intend for it to be a spinoff. I know that if Painkiller gets picked up, you’ll probably see [the Pierce sisters] in there.”

This is an odd statement, considering that the actress who portrays Jen/Lightning previously revealed she intended for season 4 to be her last one. It’s always possible something convinced her to stay, and if that’s the case I’ll be glad to welcome her back.

“This season of Black Lightning that we’re filming right now is going to be the last season of the show. I didn’t find that out until yesterday. I found out with everybody else. I didn’t know. But, what I did know and have known along with the rest of the cast since before we even started shooting this season is that I am leaving the show. And was leaving the show. This was going to be my last season, regardless of if it went on or not. For different reasons, that if we’re being honest, I do not want to go into. I just want y’all to trust me on it.”

Are you relieved Thunder and Lightning will be in Painkiller?

For now, you can catch Black Lightning every Monday on the CW. You can stream the episode for free the following day on the CW’s digital platforms.


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