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Throwback Thursday: ‘Pokemon- I choose you!’

Published on July 7th, 2016 | Updated on July 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Happy Thursday, everyone! Whether you wanted it to happen or not, another Thursday has certainly chosen to sneak up on us. Speaking of ‘choosing’ has everyone downloaded their ‘Pokemon Go!’ App on their Smart phones??  What better way to celebrate the release of a new and exciting Pokemon themed game, than thinking back to when the very first episode aired on television!?



Pokémon – I Choose You! was  the first episode in the Pokemon anime series to be released. It first debuted in Japan on television in April 1997, and eventually moved over to the United States in September of 1998.

In the episode, we follow the story of aspiring trainer Ash Ketchum, as he sets on his epic journey to become a Pokemon master. Ash’s journey is anything but perfect when he receives his first Pokémon, an incredibly stubborn and reluctant Pikachu.


After many failed attempts at capturing some Pokémon, Ash attempted to take matters into his own hands. He grabbed a handful of rocks, and attempted to take on a wild Pokemon. Unfortunately for Ash, an angry Spearow appeared; and he was not alone. Soon, an entire flock of Spearow start chasing them, forcing Pikachu to step in and save the day. After Pikachu was critically wounded in battle, Ash stole Misty’s bike and paddled towards the nearest Pokemon Center. The Spearow however, were only getting started. They began pecking at Ash and Pikachu as the heroes made their way to Viridian City. Ash finally had enough, and used his body to act as a shield to protect Pikachu from harm. Pikachu, after realizing how much Ash cares for it, leapt up and performed an incredibly powerful Thunder Bolt, scaring away the Spearow. Ash carried Pikachu into Viridian City, and Pikachu licked Ash’s cheek to signify their newly discovered friendship.

The friendship formed between Ash and Pikachu in this episode was incredibly touching to both kids and adults. If there is one lesson to be learned from this episode, it is that you can never judge a book by it’s cover!

Now… who remembers this theme song!? Time to rock out!




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