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Three Worlds I Want To See In ‘Kingdom Hearts III”

Published on January 5th, 2019 | Updated on January 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Kingdom Hearts III is under four weeks away from releasing! This game has been a long time coming, and after waiting for nearly thirteen years since the last numbered entry we can nearly taste it. My dreams came true two years ago when Toy Story became an official part of it, and we have seen many other Pixar worlds announced. Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the series, has said any time Disney has acquired a property he has been on the phone to see what he can use in Kingdom Hearts. They may not make it in, but I have several ideas of what I would like to see either in the main game or as DLC.

Marvel just makes sense as a Kingdom Hearts III world. (Photo credit to Marvel Studios and Disney)

    1. Marvel Cinematic Universe (Avengers)

I am sure everyone would love to see something Marvel as a part of the Kingdom Hearts universe. My idea would be specifically tied to the movies, and would be Sora dropping into the middle of the original Avengers. New York could be under Loki’s control, with the Chitauri fight from the end of the movie being the epic conclusion of the level. We do not have many current Marvel games, so why not add it into Kingdom Hearts? Maybe have the Hulk as a summon?

    2. Indiana Jones (Raiders of The Lost Ark)

All three of these worlds are ones that could be thought as predictable, but all three should be ones we want. We have not gotten a new Indiana Jones movie in quite some time, so going back to the original film makes sense. Helping track down the Ark with Indy (and it could be the keyhole for the world) would be awesome. If Pirates of the Caribbean works, Indiana Jones definitely will. The other thing I want from this is a whip Keyblade.

Who hasn’t imagined Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts since the moment Disney bought Lucasfilm? (Photo credit to Lucasfilm and Disney)

    3. Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back)

We all knew I was going here. It is arguably the largest pop culture icon today, and even though it has endured some controversy as of late, it still lives on and should in Kingdom Hearts. Although some may want to go prequels or new trilogy due to their recent nature, Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best of the Star Wars films and is my pick.

Being able to help Luke take down AT-AT’s on Hoth, sneak around Cloud City when Lando betrays Han, and escape from Darth Vader at the end would make for incredible gaming. And while a whip Keyblade is definitely cool, a lightsaber Keyblade is even cooler (I will take that Keyblade even without a Star Wars world). You could even do a future DLC of Return of the Jedi.

Those are my ideas for new Kingdom Hearts worlds, how about you? Is there a Disney property you want to see in the greatest gaming crossover? Put on your Mickey Mouse ears and drop a comment below!


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