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Three Things Nintendo Needs To Achieve In 2019

Published on January 1st, 2019 | Updated on January 2nd, 2019 | By FanFest

What’s up Nintendo Nerds? How are we all loving Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Nintendo managed to have a pretty great sophomore year, even if it was not nearly as good as the freshman one. With the Switch’s junior year in sight, let’s take a look at a few things Nintendo needs to do if they want to succeed in 2019.

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1.  Do not let the exclusives stop

This one is honestly a tough one. The drop from the year to the second was there as mentioned above. The problem was not the amount of titles, it was the amount of quality titles to fill in the summer and fall. The Switch saw a whole lot of shovelware, a problem the Wii ran into.

Just how can Nintendo manage to keep out of this if we are years from another Zelda or Mario? Well, Metroid Prime 4, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, Yoshi, and a new core Pokémon game are in the works. Nintendo did a killer job spreading their titles throughout the inaugural year of the Switch. This needs to happen in 2019.

Another option? Get those second party options I mentioned in the PlayStation 2019 article. They already have Bayonetta 3 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. They need to keep landing titles you can only buy on Switch.

C’mon Nintendo, you know we’ve been waiting a long time for this. 2019 is the year. (Photo credit to Nintendo)

2.  Keep the indies coming

The Switch has been a fantastic system for indie games so far. Celeste, Hollow Knight, Golf Story, and more have made it to the system and more are coming. Nintendo would be wise to capitalize on this similar to how Xbox did with 360. Anyone else remember the “Summer of Arcade”? Nintendo needs to treat these releases as an event, not just, “Here you go, it’s on the Switch”.

Many titles release first to PlayStation or Xbox, but the Switch continues to have an advantage on them, portability. Some of these games just fit the Switches motif better. Taking Dead Cells with me is more enjoyable than even playing it on a more powerful console. Nintendo needs to showcase indies instead of them hitting the EShop with little to no fanfare.

3.  No “Switch 2/XL”

I get it. Nintendo has been doing this for years with the DS portables. Every two years, just like phones, a newer model with a few quality of life improvements hits the shelves. To Nintendo’s credit, people buy it up, so they have not actually been swayed from doing this. But with the Switch being a hybrid system I hope they do not do anything that quickly.

For one, Nintendo’s account system stinks. Changing over from one console to another is just a ton of extra work, especially considering most are going to trade their original Switches in towards the purchase. Secondly, Nintendo needs to put money in other areas. The online infrastructure is still lagging horribly behind their counterparts, and with it becoming paid in September every cent they can spare should go to fixing that. Thirdly, I think most consumers just want more games right now. The time just is not right, especially with this being a home console instead of just a portable. Focus on the games.

FOCUS ON THIS NINTENDO! I really want a new console Animal Crossing if you can’t tell. (Photo credit to Nintendo)

There are my three things I think Nintendo needs to do in 2019. What do you think the need to accomplish? Did I miss something or is there something you think is more important? Scroll down to the comments and tell us your thoughts!


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