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‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Explores ‘Different’ side to Jack Pearson

Published on August 7th, 2017 | Updated on August 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

When the first season of This Is Us concluded, fans were in awe of the incredible beginning to the series and the promise of at least two more seasons to come. There was no argument that the show made an impact – and a huge one at that. However, there was some argument that Jack’s death wasn’t addressed in that final episode like so many had anticipated.

The truth is, This Is Us is about so much more than Jack’s death, it’s about his life and the series isn’t through showing what an impact he had on those he loved, and those who loved him, too. Season 1 focused on the family and laying the groundwork for how they became the Pearsons. Season 2 will go deeper into the lives of the characters and what made them who they were, both the good and the bad.

Variety recently reported that Dan Fogelman commented on season 2 of the series. From seeing another side to Jack to where the kids are when the season starts, he gave a bit of insight as to what we can expect when the series returns this September.

The present day story is the story of the big three kids. A little bit of time has passed, so we’re kind of catching up with them a month or two later, on their birthday — their 37th. The pilot started on their 36th, and we’re picking it up on their 37th. You’re catching up with Randall and Beth as they proceed on this adoption quest, and Kate as she proceeds on a singing career, and Kevin as he’s doing his film and kind of working on his romantic relationship with his ex-wife.’

He went on to talk about the internet being set abuzz, specifically concerning Jack’s death. In the way of the series, as those of us who have lost loved ones know…there is that clear line of before and after. What was and what is. Then and now. They’ll also look at what it means to be that ‘perfect man’ and how Jack struggled with trying to maintain all that he was, or was supposed to be.

It will potentially set the internet abuzz but also hopefully push that storyline’s momentum. I always talk about Jack’s death as this hinge upon which the family swings, and there’s a kind of before that and the after of that. And that’s very much what this season is about. It’s about that hinge, and that’s what we’re watching. There’s a lot of healing to be done. There’s a lot we’re going to do with Jack this season. We’ve painted the picture of the world’s perfect dad, man, husband, everything. And now we’re going to show not the dark side of that, but what the struggle is of being that guy too and ultimately, I think, bring him to a kind of fully realized place.

We are excited to see a different side to Jack, and with the way Fogelman described it, we’re also excited to see him be more human. The perfect man, husband, father, and friend is made more real with flaws and we only anticipate loving Jack more when we’re given the opportunity to see him in a different light.


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