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‘This is Us’ Reveals Toby’s Fate and What’s Next for The Big Three

Published on January 11th, 2017 | Updated on January 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

I, like many people, have quickly and thoroughly fallen in love with the Pearson family, and was very excited to have a peek into their holiday traditions during the Christmas episode that aired late in 2016. However, before that hour ended, we were left in a state of disbelief as we watched Toby fall to the floor in obvious distress from a heart attack.

Again, like many people I quickly grabbed my phone and took to texting and social media to shout my utter devastation and took on the mantra, “nothing bad happens on Christmas, nothing bad happens on Christmas!” After a month of impatiently waiting for the results of Toby’s medical situation, we finally got an answer on last night’s episode, “The Right Thing To Do”.

NEWS FLASH! Toby is O.K.! Phew, huge sigh of relief! He did have an arrhythmia that was caused by a tiny hole in his heart, but he is awake, cracking jokes and telling Kate how much he loves her. The doctor goes on to say that surgery is really his best option to repair the hole, and after a mild panic attack, Toby agrees to have the operation.

When Toby wakes, after teasing Kate by pretending to sleep as she pours her heart out, he tells her that he’s willing to do the whole marriage thing if that’s what she wants. Yup, heart – melted. So, I think the real question is, will we be seeing Kate and Toby get married by the end of the season? I can’t even imagine the emotional gut-punch that episode will deliver with the glaring absence of Jack at her wedding.


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Her twin, however, was not exactly having the best time in his personal life. Kevin gets a surprise just as things are going well with Sloane – Olivia returns with a new haircut and a new attitude; she wants the play AND Kevin back. It doesn’t take him too long to turn her down, but it was how he let her down that ultimately will cause him to lose both women.

Kevin tells Olivia that he’s keeping Sloane as the lead in the play because she’s worked hard and he’s also staying with her because, ‘it’s the right thing to do.’ Well, that may be Kevin, but sometimes you don’t always have to say everything you’re thinking out loud. Yeah, Sloane overheard and walks out right after Olivia. Kevin’s finally getting comfortable on stage, but if things keep going the way they are, it will be a one man show.


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The remaining member of The Big 3, Randall, also took the path of doing the right thing, by telling William that he doesn’t need to run away in order to die. Throughout the episode Randall seems to be struggling with William’s relationship with Jesse, not because Jesse’s a man, but because William is suddenly MIA around the house. Feeling slighted by his sudden lack of home time, Randall eventually confronts William about it. Jesse had been helping William find a hospice care facility because the cancer is getting worse and the chemo isn’t working. Randall insists William stay and asks him if he wants to stop the chemotherapy.

We’ve already seen a moment in the future where Randall is packing up William’s things, but we really didn’t know how far ahead that scene was. Will it be within the final episodes of the first season? With only seven episodes left, there’s a really good chance that season one will wrap with some of the most emotional and heart breaking hours yet.


‘This Is Us’ returns next Tuesday at 9/8C on NBC.

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